911 call about fight ends with Florida cop separating 2 brawling goats, sheriff says

Putnam County Sheriff's Office photo

Two brawling goats ended up at a Florida jail after deputies were called to break up their fight that spilled into nearby yards, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

The odd scene played out April 30 in Palatka, 60 miles south of Jacksonville, when police were alerted to a “fight in progress.”

Both goats were taken into custody, and even the sheriff’s office can’t resist making jokes about it.

“The suspects were pretty maaaadd at one another and the fight escalated into the yards of nearby residences,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. “Both were pretty hard-headed, but officers managed to separate, wrangle and bring them to the Putnam County Jail.”

A photo shows the suspects were still glaring angrily at each other as police led them away on leashes. It took less than a day to find their owner thanks to tips, the sheriff’s office said.

The May 1 Facebook post had racked up nearly 500 reactions and comments by May 2, including from one witness who reported the goats had “been fighting all weekend.”

One person offered to post bond for them, while others tried to imagine the 911 call.

“All I can hear right now is (someone) saying ‘Arrest them. They been out here fighting’,” Frankia Clark wrote.

“The funnier part is that this is actually true events,” Julie Bonham wrote.

“It’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your kids are?” David Darby said.

“At least it was a good ole street brawl. One on one, no weapons, head to head. They resisting (arrest),” Jenny Futch Brown posted.

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