911 call from truck prompts human trafficking probe

Federal, state and local authorities in Texas are searching for a tanker truck days after a 911 caller in the San Antonio area reported dozens of people were trapped inside it. (Feb. 11)

Video Transcript

SHERIFF JAVIER SALAZAR: So, the call was a man that was reportedly in an 118-Wheeler trailer, namely a tanker, and he mentioned that he was in there with about 80 people and they were running out of oxygen. You could hear in the background people screaming for help as well. It was a horrible, horrible thing to listen to. And all the 80 passengers could have been scattered to the four winds soon thereafter.

I mean, they-- they may not have all stayed here in Bexar County. Some of them may be in other parts of the country by now. We just don't know. But all I'm interested in finding out at this point is, did they make it to their final destination, wherever that may be and did everybody survive that trip? That's the kind of thing that as a first responder, you lose sleep over.

You're just wondering, are there people that were dumped in our county and just waiting to be found? By some miracle, by the grace of God, did they all survive it and are alive and well somewhere? We just don't know. That's the frustrating thing.