96th America's Thanksgiving Parade

It’s go time for Ross Trumbauer, one of the parade artists working for the 96th America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. He made some last-minute repairs and crafted solutions to ensure that the floats look flawless for the big day. “Normally we are here from about 9 to 10 when it gets closer to parade season, but lately it’s been more like 9 to 1 in the morning,” he said. The crazy schedule is worth it for Trumbauer who grew up experiencing America's Thanksgiving Parade as a kid. “It’s definitely been a sense of wonder as a kid going down with my dad, my uncle, and cousins," he said. "Going down to the parade and watching the floats go by. They are so massive when you are a little kid and now being able to come here and build them and your around them...it's magical."