97-year-old man killed on way to bank when Cadillac jumps curb

A Cadillac Escalade jumped the curb and struck the victim, pushing him into the front of the bank.

Video Transcript

- Family in Brooklyn is mourning the death of their grandfather after a terrible crash. Volf Ferdman was hit as he headed to a bank in Brighton Beach. His heartbroken granddaughter told us that even at the age of 97, he was so full of life. Eyewitness News reporter Naveen Dhaliwal has the story.

SVETLANA STATSYUK: He was a happy man. He loved life.

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: An emotional Svetlana Statsyuk is talking about her beloved grandfather, Volf Ferdman.

SVETLANA STATSYUK: He loved to go inside and talk to people, he had friends.

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: The World War II vet moved to the US from Ukraine 20 years ago with his family to make better memories after years of hardship.

SVETLANA STATSYUK: He was fighting in World War II. When he came here, there was an organization and every May 9, they were celebrating, and he was waiting for this day.

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: At 97 years old, a birthday he just celebrated last month, he was more independent than ever. And on Wednesday afternoon, fate took a terrible turn. Ferdman was walking toward the Apple Bank on Brighton Beach Avenue.

Citizen app video shows the moments after an elderly man from Virginia, attempting to pull his Cadillac Escalade out of a parking spot, jumped the curb, pinning Ferdman against the glass windows of the bank. His family got the terrible news.

SVETLANA STATSYUK: My mom had got a call, I believe it was from the police in the hospital, and he was in the hospital. And when we came, he was in the OR and he never recovered.

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: Hard to digest for his family, after surviving a war, a move for a better life, now gone in just one single moment.

SVETLANA STATSYUK: How did it happen that he went on the curb and was at such a speed that he pinned him to the wall? I don't know, I don't pass judgments.

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: Police say the driver of that Cadillac was not hurt. And all detectives will tell us right now is that they're investigating this accident.