Former AAF player says he's now getting medical bills for league's tests

Jack Baer
Yahoo Sports Contributor

The sudden, chaotic shutdown of the Alliance of American Football’s operations just keeps getting weirder.

Former San Antonio Commanders running back Kenneth Farrow tweeted Tuesday asking the AAF and league CEO Charlie Ebersol why medical bills were being mailed to him for lab tests conducted during team minicamps. If Farrow really is getting billed for such tests ... it’s a good question.

Predictably, the now-defunct AAF has apparently not been very responsive to Farrow’s attempts to contact the league.

Since canceling the remainder of its inaugural season and suspending operations, the AAF has become a bankrupt carcass that its creditors have been fighting to pick apart. A class-action lawsuit has already been filed against the league on behalf of its former players, while a college is seeking unpaid rent after allowing the AAF to play games in its football stadium.

It has also been reported that the league’s controlling owner Tom Dundon, who also owns the Carolina Hurricanes, only bought the league for its gambling app. Ebersol later said that Dundon’s vision for the league’s future didn’t align with its original operators, leading to the plug being quickly pulled.

Farrow further clarified he didn’t have any ill will over the situation; he just didn’t want to be billed for someone’s incompetence. Fair!

It’s certainly believable that a miscommunication or clerical error was what led to Farrow being billed. One report Wednesday indicated this was the case, as another player reportedly had to have a $1,200 MRI bill taken care of.

Despite the chaos around the AAF’s shutdown, Ebersol said in an interview with CBS Sports last week that the league’s insurance should still cover treatment for players’ injuries.

Keep in mind that all the players were fully paid through the eight weeks. All the injured players have access to the necessary health insurance to get through their injuries. We paid for all of their housing, food. The wind down was not a reflection of the wind down as it was planned, which is a whole separate issue.

So maybe Farrow just needs to talk to the right people. Fortunately, he at least seemed to land on his feet by signing with the Miami Dolphins earlier this month.

Kenneth Farrow posted 372 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns for the San Antonio Commanders. (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

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