Aaron Rodgers Thinks It's Funny People Still Doubt Tom Brady: 'I Laugh with Him a Little Bit'

Jason Duaine Hahn

Whether he is dodging tackles or even time itself, Tom Brady isn’t showing signs of slowing down, no matter what predictions his critics make season after season.

Brady, 42, is coming off his sixth Super Bowl win, and has a great chance at appearing in the big game once again this year. His success as the quarterback of the New England Patriots for the last two decades is unparalleled, and yet, despite his greatness, Brady’s increasing age has led critics to make premature predictions when it comes to guessing when he’ll finally show a dip in performance.

Three years ago, ESPN’s Max Kellerman said Brady would soon “fall off a cliff,” according to Yahoo. Since then, Brady has added two Super Bowl rings to his mantle.

That’s why Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has to laugh whenever he hears these incorrect predictions of Brady.

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During an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Tuesday, Rodgers said he is also in awe of how long Brady has been able to sustain his success.

“I think I laugh with him a little bit when they replay some of the remarks,” Rodgers said during the appearance. “Especially after that Chiefs game I think a lot of us remember from [2014] when the Chiefs kind of blew them out on a Sunday or Monday night and everyone was [saying], ‘This is it. Brady’s done. The Pats are done.’ You look at what they’ve done since then. That’s the beauty at times in this sport and playing, for him, at obviously such a high level.”

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At age 35, Rodgers is still considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and has not been shy about sharing his hopes of playing in the league until his mid-40s. That’s why Rodgers likely views Brady’s success as a blueprint for what his next decade will hopefully look like with the Packers.

“Sometimes you’re looking around and you’re like, ‘Man, maybe I need some inspiration this week,’ and having something like that to go back to whenever you want,” Rodgers said.

“People are just waiting for him to, like, regress, and it’s like, it’s not happening,” he added. “Not happening.”

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Aaron Rodgers | Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

It almost seems, Rodgers said, that Brady uses the criticism to fuel him throughout the season.

“But the first time he has a game he doesn’t throw three (touchdowns), it’s gonna be like, ‘Here it is. Here’s the beginning.’ And sure enough,” Rodgers said of Brady on the Dan Le Batard Show, adding, “There’s a little more ammo for him to be like, ‘What you say? Oh yeah? OK, cool. I’m going back to the Super Bowl.’ “