Abbi Jacobson Calls BS After 'ALOTO' Cancelation Blamed On Strikes

A League of Their Own
A League of Their Own
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The surprise cancelation of A League of Their Own has both fans and the creatives behind the show fuming, but Abbi Jacobson wants everyone to be perfectly clear on where the blame lies.

The Prime Video series was initially renewed for a shortened second and final season, only for Amazon to pull the plug last week, with multiple outlets claiming the decision is a result of the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood.

But that claim doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, and Jacobson, who developed the series (which she also starred in) alongside Will Graham, called that out.

“To blame this cancellation on the strike (which is an essential fight for fair wages, protections and working conditions, etc…) is bullshit and cowardly,” she wrote on Instagram, alluding to the show having been “put through the ringer” in a variety of ways before saying this wasn’t the right time to talk about that in more detail.

A League of Their Own premiered on Prime Video last August. In the world of broadcast or cable TV, scripts for a second season would have already been underway before the end of the year, and production would likely have been in progress or complete by the time the actors’ strike began.

This is particularly of note as one of the major points of contention among writers and actors right now is that streaming shows unnecessarily create lengthy gaps in between seasons that keep those contractually obligated to them in limbo and without a steady paycheck. Now, Amazon appears to be using the same untenable situation it helped create as an excuse to cancel its shows (The Peripheral also had its season two renewal reversed last week, with the same reason given).

But fans aren’t buying the spin Amazon is trying to put on this cancelation, and they remain frustrated that shows centering queer women are once again the first on the chopping block, regardless of how passionate the fanbase is.

In this particular instance, ALOTO also has an high Rotten Tomatoes score from both critics and fans alike, and reportedly had a high viewership—although the specifics aren’t known as streaming services refuse to release that info, another point of contention in the ongoing strikes.