Abbott facing fine for not properly filing county payroll

May 16—ANDERSON — The Madison County Board of Commissioners has given coroner Dr. Troy Abbott until May 26 to start filing payroll electronically.

The Madison County auditor's office said Tuesday that Abbott failed to file a payroll request by the deadline on May 8 and for an extension on May 9.

Payroll was submitted on May 10, but the employees have not been paid.

Last November the commissioners adopted an ordinance requiring all payroll data to be transmitted electronically to the auditor's office.

"This has been a problem since before the ordinance was adopted," commissioner John Richwine said. "The auditor's office is asking us to take action."

Richwine said he didn't disagree with the request to take action against Abbott.

"It's the last thing we want to do," he said.

Abbott has been given until May 26, the next date for the submission of payroll to use the county's electronic payroll system.

The ordinance carries a fine of up to $500 for each violation.

"We're giving him an additional 10 days to rectify the situation," Richwine said.

The auditor's office said the payroll problem starting in July 2022.

The commissioners also approved an amendment to the county's personnel policy.

Attorney Jeff Graham said the change was adding safety protocols for infectious disease materials, like blood.

Graham said lack of safety protocols is considered a serious violation that could include immediate dismissal.

Last month Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration found five violations by Abbott surrounding the temporary morgue at the Emergency Management Agency facility.

The inspections took place starting in October; the last one was conducted April 11.

The five violations included the lack of a handwashing sink; failure by the coroner to ensure employees used appropriate personal protective equipment including gloves, gowns and protective eyewear; failure to clean working surfaces; not disposing of items in sharps containers; and not placing contaminated laundry in plastic bags or containers.

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