Will Abbott's education agenda happen in a 4th session - What's Your Point?

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Houston - Governor Greg Abbott: "A win-win for everybody not just a win for legislators, but most importantly a win-win for parents, for students, for teachers, for educators, for schools across the entire state of Texas ."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott forecasting a major breakthrough in his ongoing crusade to bring "school choice" to the Lone Star state.

Backed by the Texas Senate and frankly, pretty persuasive state-wide poll numbers, Abbott believes he's got a "deal" with House Speaker Dade Phelan and previously reluctant rural Republican lawmakers.


The mind-changing, vote-altering "clincher" - a major increase in funding for public schools and a substantial pay raise for all Texas teachers.

Patrick and Phelan still feuding

If the "purported" bargain holds during what's certain to be the "next" special session, Abbott will get a "choice option" that's "far" more expansive than any on the table thus far - with $10.400 per year for private school "vouchers" and no household income restrictions on a student's eligibility.

Here's the fundamental pitch.

State Senator Kelly Hancock (R) Tarrant County: " We want to make sure that every family has the opportunity to do what's best for their child knowing that every child's different. I have families where one child may be in public school while the other is in a private school with assistance...and I think what the state's trying to do what we are trying to do is provide the best option for every family."

The state is so flush with surplus money - republican leadership basically sweetened the compensation into an "offer that will be hard to refuse"

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