Abby De La Rosa And Nick Cannon Went ‘Back And Forth’ About Daughter’s Name

Abby De La Rosa is enjoying every bit of the journey of being a mother of three! The model and Nick Cannon welcomed their third child together, Beautiful Zeppelin, on November 11, 2022.

The news of the arrival of their baby girl comes one year after she and Cannon welcomed their twin boys, Zillion and Zion, who are currently 16 months old. This exciting development has officially made De La Rosa a mom of three, while the tv host is now a dad of 11!

Addressing the name she and her baby daddy gave to their newborn daughter, the DJ, revealed via her Instagram story during a Q&A session that she and Cannon faced a little bump as they argued about what name to give their new bundle of joy.  

Abby De La Rosa Disclosed What Transpired When Picking Daughter's Name

The ecstatic new mother, in a recent chat with her fans, explained to them how she and the father of her child, Cannon, came up with the names given to their daughter and how they had to come to common ground when choosing the names.

Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa

Taking to her Instagram story, the Only Fans star granted her followers the audience to ask her questions regarding her personal life and addressed each question with a video she uploaded to her story. Without wasting much time, a fan proceeded to ask the DJ, writing, "How did you pick the name beautiful"? 

De La Rosa responded to the question in the comfort of her home as she sat comfortably on a gray couch while resting her back as she carried her newborn daughter, who seemed to be taking a nap. She looked beautiful wearing light makeup and donned a carton brown hoodie which she paired with a black face cap. 

Answering the question, she said, "Nick actually chose the name Beautiful. He was adamant on naming her Beautiful." She further revealed, "I wanted Zeppelin, so we went back and forth for a minute. And he won."

The DJ, however, added while giggling, "So, but I still love the name. I love it," as she reassured her fans. Moving on, another fan took a deeper approach with their question and asked, "Was the delivery of your daughter different from the twins"?

Answering this particular question, De La Rosa had a more serious demeanor and said, "So with the twins, I carried them full-term, we went and scheduled c-section down to the minute, everything was smooth." 

Comparing the birth of the twins with her daughter, Beautiful, the model said, "With her, I started having contractions, I went into labor almost a day and a half prior to her due date. And it was the most wildest birthing story. It was wild." Captioning the video, she added, "Yes!! With her, It was so intense, lol."

The Former Radio Personality Cleared The Confusion About Her Daughter's Name

It seems like fans haven't gotten accustomed to De La Rosa and Cannon's baby girl's name, or they aren't yet familiar with knowing that a name can be "Beautiful."

Per The Blast, the DJ cleared the mix-up fans were having about her daughter's name when the parents revealed her full name to the world. Taking to her Instagram story, she uploaded a video featuring a lovely flower arrangement celebrating her daughter's arrival. It was a large bouquet of red and purple roses that stood next to a more petite bouquet of white roses. 

Accompanying the lovely video with a message that addressed the uncertainty surrounding her daughter's name, she wrote, "For those wondering, our daughter's first name is "BEAUTIFUL" & her middle name is "ZEPPELIN" 😆 I totally understand the confusion, but it's babygirl's actual name 💗"

De La Rosa Reminisced On Her Younger Days And Disclosed An Unknown Information

The social media influencer, who is known to be very transparent and honest with her fans, made a confession to them about her past. Earlier this month, De La Rosa posted on her Instagram story a meme that read, "1 night with a Libra can turn into 3-4 years be careful."

Buttressing on the funny meme, she wrote in her caption, "😂 damn! Lol 1 night turned into 4 years and 3 kids real quick… I see no lies here smh. Y'all be safe out there 😂"

The DJ's message appeared to be a reference to her relationship with her baby daddy, Cannon, who happens to be a Libra, as he was born on October 8 and is also the father of her three children.