200 jobs ready to hire in Lake Jackson area

More than 200 positions are open in Lake Jackson, including medical field jobs and positions with the Freeport Police Department.

Video Transcript

NICK NATARIO: The latest Texas jobs report shows the Lake Jackson area unemployment is at nearly 10%. That's one of the highest in the Houston area and double what the city normally experiences. Big reason, the pandemic squeeze on the oil and gas industry.

- Really has had an effect on a lot of the chemical plant industries and manufacturing that we have in the community.

RAYMOND GARIVEY: If you're one of those who lost your job during the pandemic, there are employers in the Lake Jackson area hiring.

- Actually right now, some of our hot jobs are more towards the medical field.

RAYMOND GARIVEY: To get there you might need training. Workforce Solutions is one place you can learn how to find it.

- Maybe they've been in the refinery for 20 years and maybe want to do something different. We can help them develop employment plans for reaching that goal.

NICK NATARIO: Problem is the new office that opened less than two months ago is closed to the public.

- I want it open now. You know, people will come up to the door and I'm just like come on in, but we can't do that yet.

NICK NATARIO: The good news is you can receive all services virtually. Online is also how you can get a job. Tomorrow, we're partnering with workforce solutions to host virtual job fair featuring more than 200 jobs. To participate just head abc13.com or our streaming app on Roku or Amazon Fire Stick tomorrow morning at 11:30.

- Stay motivated, and it's going to come. It's going to come. It's going to pick right back up, and we're going to be strong again.

NICK NATARIO: Freeport police chief Raymond Garivey can't help but be reminded of why he got into law enforcement when he's in his office. It's not for the awards on the desk but the images of a little girl that changed his life.

RAYMOND GARIVEY: Here we are in Abigail museum.

NICK NATARIO: Abigail came to Garivey after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The chief named her an officer and made her a celebrity with other police agencies and sport athletes. Abigail passed away more than a year ago, but Garivey hasn't slowed down working with young cancer patients.

RAYMOND GARIVEY: If that chief can do that, maybe all the police are like that. They are. They are. They truly are.

NICK NATARIO: A call a service Garivey sets as an example of not just for the community but others in his department.

RAYMOND GARIVEY: We have wings that you can't see, haloes above our head. We're supposed to help people. And I know that if I do that and lead by example, my guys see that, and they want to do that.

NICK NATARIO: A passion he's looking for more of right now, which is why the agency is participating in our ABC 13 job fair, tomorrow morning at 11:30 on abc13.com and our streaming app on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. We're hosting a virtual job fair with Workforce Solutions featuring more than 200 positions in the Lake Jackson area, three of those are for Freeport police officers.

RAYMOND GARIVEY: You have to have compassion for the job. We look for that kind of characteristics in an applicant.

NICK NATARIO: Compassion Garivey still shows for the fall young officer, which is why he's surrounded by her in his office, to inspire himself and any new candidate that walks through the door. Nick Natario, "ABC 13 Eyewitness News".