ABC13's Blood Drive at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

ABC13's Annual Blood Drive at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center runs until 6 p.m. Register to give today!

Video Transcript

- This is such a great partnership between ABC 13 and the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. It is looking a little different this year, because as you guys know, we usually have it in the station parking lot on [? Bisonette, ?] but this year, it's going to be at the Blood Center here on La Concha.

Now, blood is always needed, and this couldn't come at a better time. You mentioned it, because of last month's historic winter storm, more than 3,000 units of blood were lost. Our area is so big, so to meet the need here, the blood center relies on about 800 donations each day.

We talked with Emma Moralez, who has an autoimmune disorder where she has to get transfusions every week, so it just goes to show how important it is to donate.

EMMA MORALEZ: There's so many people out there who need this, and when there's a shortage, they can't get that, and then they can get sick, and I can get sick. And it's sad.

- Yeah, so come out here and donate. A big thing this year with COVID-19, the blood center is asking people who have fully recovered from the virus, COVID-19, to donate convalescent plasma. That's been used to help patients with severe symptoms fight it, so they'll be doing that here as well. Now, a big thing here this year, if you want to donate blood, you have to register online. You have to make an appointment because of COVID-19.