Accuweather Alert Day Monday with some snow accumulation expected in Chicago-area

An AccuWeather Alert Day is expected Monday as a storm system approaches from the west, according to ABC7 Meteorologist Larry Mowry.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back to just a glorious sunrise on this Sunday morning. Taking a live look over Lake Michigan, and Adler Planetarium in silhouette there. Just a beautiful start here at 42 degrees. And we are dealing with that temperature that might be changing over the next couple of days here, Tracy.

TRACY BUTLER: Very much so. And that is such a spectacular view. And yes, the sun rising, and it is later this morning. Yesterday, when we were with you, we were talking about the sunrise at 6:06. This morning, that sunrise at 7:05.

Now a dry day ahead of us today, but already, we're seeing more and more clouds increasing. And the winds are going to be getting stronger through the day as well. And tomorrow, I'm afraid we kick off the week kind of slushy and sloppy around here. Now let's take a look at the forecast picture today for areas around Chicago.

So inland areas getting up into the mid to upper 40s. And yes, those clouds will increase. Notice what is also increasing in every one of these locations, and that's the wind speed. You're going to notice a wind coming off of Lake Michigan, and that's going to reinforce some colder conditions, especially areas along the lake, and even over into northwest Indiana.

But let's dive into tomorrow. So tomorrow morning's commute-- when I see you 24 hours from now, most likely, things should still be dry. But as we get in toward the latter half of the morning rush hour tomorrow, that's when precipitation most likely is going to continue to spread across the area, and during the afternoon tomorrow as well. I think really, the peak of sloppiness occurs late morning tomorrow and early afternoon. And then by tomorrow evening, it's all gone.

But what are we talking about, as far as amounts of snow? This is going to be a wet, slushy snow, rain mixed in at times. And for northwest Indiana-- areas in the city-- I think we're looking at less than an inch of accumulation. But the farther west you do go, there's a better likelihood that we could see some amounts anywhere between one and three inches of snow. And then you get out toward the Galena area, where they do have winter weather advisories that will go into effect. They're talking maybe about three, four, and five inches of snow out that direction.

Well, as we look at the calendar, yesterday-- oh, we were up around 60 degrees yesterday. So many folks were out enjoying that. Today yes, we're going to come in most likely with our high temperature today slightly above average. But I emphasize slightly. We'll top out in the 40s. But my goodness, a gorgeous sky. Already at O'Hare, more clouds. 42 there, northwest wind at 7. It's 37 in Rensselaer, Hampshire at 40. 44 degrees right now in La Salle. Plainfield at 39. 42 in Hoffman Estates and 35 degrees right now in Huntley.

So more and more clouds coming our direction. I still think that the leading edge of precipitation out to the west-- it is fighting some very dry air, so I am not expecting any precipitation here today. But my goodness, this storm system has really created just a horrible snow storm. Out in the interior sections of the Rockies, they're still talking about one to three feet of snow there. As I said, winter weather advisories will go into effect even out into northwest Illinois. So far for us, we are just going to hoist the "AccuWeather" alert tomorrow, just to remind you that tomorrow is going to be kind of a sloppy day around Chicago, Stacey and Mark.