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Abington Schools Providing Free COVID Tests For Students And Staff After April Break

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The Town of Abington is working to ensure its schools have a safe return from April vacation. WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports.

Video Transcript

KEVIN MACLEOD: School officials in several towns are trying to ensure a safe return from April vacation. Among them, Abington, where the school district offered free drivethrough COVID testing today for all students and staff. WBZ's Paul Burton was there.

- Did you guys have a good vacation week?

- Now that school vacation week is over, kids are returning back to school, and for most districts, that means full in-person learning.

- So we thought we'd get tested before school tomorrow.

- Out of abundance of caution, the town of Abington offered free rapid testing at the middle and high school on Sunday.

- Someone will come right out to do the testing, and then you guys can drive off. And we'll send an e-mail, OK?

- Perfect. Thank you.

FELICIA MOSCHELLA: Kids that might have gone away, had sleepovers, been with other kids, and to provide with all our kids coming back to school full time person just to provide a safer environment for everybody.

LORENA ROCHA: We got test, because we travel. So we want to be safe, and we want to make sure that everybody's safe.

- The Abington school nurses came up with the idea to offer free testing as kids return from spring break. The rapid testing only took 15 minutes.

- All done. Take care.

- If someone is positive, then we can start them in isolation, and family in quarantine, and not come back into school.

PAUL BURTON: School officials say they got great responses in regards to families requesting this free testing opportunity upon returning from vacation. As of this morning, 50 families had registered online, and the requests keep rolling in.

SARAH LAPOINTE: We actually ended up being overbooked, and as the day has gone on, we've gotten more and more emails from people, saying, can we come in? So as we've gotten them, we've added them in. We don't want to turn anybody away.

- Students, like Giovanna Rocha, was excited to be back in the classroom.

GIOVANNA ROCHA: I feel like having a teacher actually teaching me is way better than, like, online.

- School officials say, as more people become vaccinated, it's important that everyone remains vigilant.

- Please, do not send your children to school if they have any symptoms.

- In Abington, I'm Paul Burton, WBZ News.