‘That’s the Aborigine in me’: Supermodel Elle Macpherson gets side eye over comment

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Elle Macpherson is mired in a bit of an ugly controversy over, ironically, a beauty tutorial.

The supermodel, who has a home in Coral Gables, made a comment about her looks during a “Beauty Secrets” chit-chat with Vogue the other day and it didn’t go over well, the Sydney Morning Herald first reported.

Macpherson appeared in a virtual interview from her bathroom to talk about her daily regimen, diet, skincare routine and how she still manages to look drop dead gorgeous at 57.

“My eyes are almost black, that’s the Aborigine in me,” the mother of two said in the now deleted snippet. “Being seven generations Australian they don’t reflect light the same way blue eyes do.”

Oops, crikey.

Down Under, the term “Aborigine” is often seen as a slur for indigenous people or diverse groups as it harkens back to Australia’s colonial past.

Almost immediately after the Vogue video went up, people displayed their displeasure with her remark on (where else?) Twitter.

Indigenous feminist writer Celeste Liddle led the charge with a close-up photo of her own eyeball and the snarky caption: “Just posting a picture of my Aboriginal eye because according to Elle Macpherson, it’s a thing.”

“Sorry Celeste, your eyes are reflecting light, so you’re clearly not Aboriginal,” someone chimed in underneath.

Another non-fan Tweeted on the matter: “Hey, Elle Macpherson here’s a picture of my Aboriginal eyes that I just rolled at you...”

A Miami Herald request for comment from the Welleco founder went unreturned Tuesday.

But Macpherson’s sister Mimi told Australia’s Herald: “We are not indigenous, nor have we traced our ancestry.”

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