Abortion ruling casts cloud over Pride parades

STORY: Pride parades across the U.S. this weekend brought color and cheer to the streets, an annual show of support for LGBTQ+ rights.

But there was also a new sense of purpose.

The Supreme Court last week overturned the constitutional right to an abortion.

That ruling – along with a wave of anti-transgender legislation – has sparked anger and fear among those who have had to battle for their rights.

"I am afraid with what just happened and how easy it happened that they might come for us and come for our rights again. So that makes me really nervous."

In New York City, groups like Planned Parenthood - which supports abortion rights - joined the celebrations with calls to fight for freedoms under threat.

That message has a new resonance with LGBTQ leaders.

In his concurring opinion overturning abortion rights, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the Court may reconsider other precedents, including the right to same-sex intimacy and gay marriage.

In San Francisco, the same solidarity was on display.

“I think we realized that we need to band together. Women, people of color and LGBT people, to stand up for our rights. (We realized) that there are people who are threatened by us for whatever reasons. It all stems from hate, it all stems from fear.”

This year’s Pride month has also been weighed down by a raft of Republican-backed state laws that target transgender youth.

Some Pride attendees said the news has only fueled their sense of purpose to defend their rights.