Abreu Delayed Working Out With Sox, While Most Of Cubs Full Squad In Place

Monday marked the first day of full-squad workouts for the Cubs and White Sox in Arizona.

Video Transcript

- Batter up, positions players have joined the pitchers and catchers in spring training for both Chicago baseball teams.

- Luke Stuckmeyer joins us. Now Luke, almost all the players are now in camp.

LUKE STUCKMEYER: Almost, and we have 37 days to get rid of this snow for opening day, at least on the North side. But this was the first day of full squad workout for the Cubs and White Sox, and the Sox were missing one big name. American League MVP, José Abreu, was not at Camelback Ranch as he still waits on some COVID antibody test results. Meanwhile, in Mesa the Cubs lineup will feature nearly all of the same players that only scored one run in the playoffs last fall.

ANTHONY RIZZO: I think we're got to go out and earn it and prove it. I don't think anyone should-- should believe in it. We haven't done what we were capable of doing the last few years. And you know, it's up to us to go out and prove it every day, every year. You know, just because you do one thing one year doesn't mean you're entitled to anything. You can either choose to read into everything that's written or-- or not. But we control the narrative in here, and we control how we go about our business every day.

LUKE STUCKMEYER: Rizzo says he's had a little muscle to his frame in the off season. And Sox manager, Tony La Russa, addressed his team in person for the first time. Brad and Erika, he admitted he was a little bit nervous.

- Oh

- Good to hear, still got nerves. Fired up.

- Yeah.

- Thank you, Luke.