The Absolute Best Gifts For Anyone Who Didn’t Get Enough Sleep In 2019

Eliza Dumais

You'd be hard-pressed to locate any sentient human being who insists that they got enough sleep in the year 2019. And moreover, you'd be justified in assuming that anyone who says as much is lying.

Between having a job, maintaining something that resembles a social life, pretending to exercise — or actually exercising — and consuming the occasional vegetable, it’s easy to toss sleep at the very bottom of your to-do list. So how do we go about prioritizing sufficient sleep again? 

Perhaps this holiday season, amidst all the other commercial goods, you might consider giving the gift of a better night's sleep. Think: weighted blankets, pajama sets, skin serums, and essential oils — just about everything one might need to construct the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

That's why we've partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to make this year's gifting as low-stress as possible. Ahead, find a compilation of our absolute favorite sleep-friendly, gift-worthy products on the market.

Now go forth, and spread good slumber.

Consider wearing these extremely chic Papinelle x Karin Walker PJs out at night in the interest of simplifying your bedtime routine upon returning home.
There is simply not a single person out there who wouldn't appreciate a good pair of cashmere socks.

Think of this one as a box of good energy. It comes with everything you'll need to cleanse your nighttime space of all your daytime stressors.
If you have trouble sleeping, this reversible weighted blanket will help you stay in bed by way of sheer force.

If you're not a silk PJ set kind of girl, the tried-and-true T-shirt and underwear uniform rarely disappoints.

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