It's Academic 4-24-2021 Clip 4

Its Academic 4-24-2021 Clip 4

Video Transcript

- All right, teams, in the lightning round, you will be beating the clock. Yes, how many of these questions can you answer out of the 10? For each one you get right, we're going to give you 20 points. 20 points off should you miss, and if you pass, you lose no points whatsoever.

All right, Centennial, if you are ready, here is your first question in the lightning round. In this round, all of your answers are words or names with a double R somewhere inside. Two R's side by side in each answer, and Centennial, if you are ready in 3, 2, 1. American Meghan Markle married this British Prince.

- Prince Harry.

- Harry.

- Harry is right. There's an eye in the middle of this type of tropical storm.

- Hurricane.

- Hurricane is-- the 1862 act allow the establishment of land grant colleges.

- [? Moral. ?]

- [? Moral ?] is correct. This fruit orchard titles a Chekhov play.

- Cherry.

- Cherry is right. This chief justice wrote the 1954 Brown decision.

- Warren.

- Warren is right. This type of boat carried mythical souls across the river Styx.

- Ferry.

- A ferry.

- Yes, this is the capital of Pennsylvania.

- Harrisburg.

- This Italian physicist invented the barometer.

- Torricelli.

- Yes, this word refers to two days after yesterday.


That last one, two days after yesterday was tomorrow, but you got eight of those first of them correct, which means you end the game today, Centennial, with a wonderful 520 points. Nicely done. All right, Harford Tech, it is now time for the lightning round. And in this round, all of your answers must contain somewhere a double N, a double N somewhere in the answer. N as in Nancy, a double N, all right? If you're ready in 3, 2, 1. This sport is played at Wimbledon.

- Tennis.

- Tennis, yes. This is the southernmost New England state.

- Connecticut.

- Connecticut, yes. It was in this forest that the Battle of the Bulge took place.

- Arden.

- Arden is right. Every year, this company puts out a book of world records.

- Guinness.

- Yes, you find these salt flats in Utah.

- Pass.

- Bonneville. This is one of the nine divisions of a regular baseball game.

- Innings.

- Inning, yes. This signer of the Declaration of Independence had the first name Button.

- Pass.

- Gwinnett. Tolstói's title character--


Oh, we won't get to that.

- Anna Karenina.

- Yes, we were headed for Anna Karenina, but you did get five of those correct, which means you end the game, Harford Tech, with 420 points. You should give yourselves a pat on the back. Nice work. Nice work. All right, Middletown, it is now time for your lightning round. How many of these 10 questions can you answer in 45 seconds? 45 seconds. In this round, all of your answers are words or names that contain a double S, a double S. An S as in Sam, two S's, all right? If you're ready in 3, 2, 1, here we go. Proverbially, a rolling stone will gather this plant.

- Moss.

- Moss, yes. These German mercenaries aided Britain in the American Revolution.

- Was it the [? Heshans? ?]

- Yes, this constellation is named for Andromeda's mother.

- Cassiopeia.

- Yes, this is the only marsupial native to North America.

- Opossum.

- Yes, he has been president of Syria since the year 2000.

- Assad.

- Yes, this is the major literary work of St. Augustine.

- Pass.

- Confessions, this is the old name for Ethiopia.

- Pass.

- [? Abesinia, ?] this German author wrote the Tin Drum.

- Is that Herman Hess?

- No, Gunter Grass. Next, this division of the orchestra contains the trumpets.


That last one would have been the brass, the brass. You got five of those right. You did a super job. You end the game with 485 points. Middletown, yes, indeed, super job.

- Thank you.

- And when we come back, we will announce the winner of today's It's Academics playoff matches.