It's Academic 6-5-2021 Clip 1

It's Academic 6-5-2021 Clip 1

Video Transcript

- "It's Academic" with David Zahren.


DAVID ZAHREN: Teams from Hammond, Brunswick, and Pikesville meet today on this first semifinal match of "It's Academic."

- "It's Academic" brought to you by Giant-- new things are happening at Giant; and by Morgan State University-- growing the future, leading the world.

DAVID ZAHREN: Hi, everyone. I'm Dave Zahren. So nice to have you here today. You know, our show, "It's Academic," has been sponsored for over 50 years by Giant Food, and also more recently by Morgan State University. And we're so glad you're here today. And we invite you to play along with our elite students, who we are about to meet.

Our first team hails from Hammond High School. And let's find out about these outstanding young people here. Let's start with their Captain, Tom. Tom, tell us the story.

- Hi. My name's Tom Berkheimer, and I'm a senior at Hammond High School. In addition to "It's Academic," I'm in the marching band. And I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody behind the scenes here at "It's Academic," making the show.

- My name is Ama, and I'm a senior at Hammond. Outside of "It's Academic," I'm a member of our lacrosse team. And I would like to thank the rest of the "It's Academic" team for all of their support and attending practices with us.

- Hi. My name is Julia, and I'm a senior at Hammond. Today I would like to thank our amazing teachers for teaching us all the knowledge that we use on the show.

DAVID ZAHREN: All right. If you guys are ready, let's get started in our game in this opening round. We have questions that are worth 20 points apiece, four of them. Should you miss, we make no deductions whatsoever.

So if you'd like to guess, feel free to do so. All right, Hammond, if you're ready, here comes your first question. Sci-fi jinx, instead of worrying about a jinx, study this phrase carefully and you can find in it the name of what Pacific Island country?

- Fiji

- Fiji.

- Fiji.

- Fiji is right. Next-- sententious, sanctimonious, or salubrious-- if you feel healthy after exercising, you might use which of these words to best describe your feeling of well-being?

- I think maybe number one or what do you think, Tom?

- I was thinking one or two. Julia?

- I was thinking two.

DAVID ZAHREN: Tom, what's your choice?

- We'll go one.

DAVID ZAHREN: One? Actually, it's the bottom one. Salubrious is the feeling of well-being. Try this next one. Iron, nitrogen, and cerium-- combine the chemical elements for these elements, these chemical symbols for these elements, and you can name what sort of barrier that a Robert Frost poem says makes good neighbors?

- That would be a fence.

DAVID ZAHREN: That would indeed be a fence, Fe, N, and Ce. We end with a quote. "Only warmongers think there will be war." This statement from Adolf Hitler was made only months before he started World War II by invading what Eastern European country, whose capital is Warsaw?

- Poland.

- Poland

- Poland.

DAVID ZAHREN: It is Poland. Nicely done, which means you end the opening round with 160 points. You're off to a great start, Hammond. It is now time to meet our second team on this first of our semifinal matches on "It's Academic." And they hail from Brunswick High School. And let's find out about our players. Mason, nice to have you back, our captain. Tell us about yourself.

- I'm a junior at Brunswick High School. And this is my third year on our school's academic team and my second year on the show. And in addition to doing everything I do with the academic team, I've been doing some virtual stuff with the Frederick County Regional Youth Orchestra. And I've been learning some classical guitar pieces.

- I'm Angela Miller. I'm a junior at Brunswick. I've been on the show for two years now. But I've been doing academic team for three years with our county. And in addition to that, I'm on our school's National Honor Society, National English Honors Society, and Junior Leadership team.

- I'm Rebecca Shellenberger. I'm a senior at Brunswick High School. This is my third year on the team and my first year with the TV match. Outside of academic team, I run track and field and cross-country, works two jobs. And I'm also in Book Club and Nutrition Club.

DAVID ZAHREN: So, Brunswick, if you're ready-- if you're ready, here's your first question. "Hire a perfectionist." You can be perfect if you find in this sentence what mechanical invention associated with Cyrus McCormick?

- Do you guys think that's the reaper?

- It is a reaper. Perfect. Next, multiple-choice. With alacrity, with repugnance, or with malevolence-- if you took care of an errand promptly, you would be acting in which of these ways?

- Angela, I think that's alacrity. Would you agree?

- Yeah. I would think so.

DAVID ZAHREN: You're all nodding. And that is absolutely right, with alacrity. Next, I want you to combine the symbols for these elements-- carbon, radium, and neon-- and you'll get the name of what author of "The Red Badge of Courage"?

- Crane?

- Would you guess that's Crane?

DAVID ZAHREN: That's right, Stephen Crane, perfect. Let's end with a quote. "The automobile is only a novelty." This remark was made in 1903 by a banker, who advised against investing in what motor company that later brought out the Model T?

- Ford.

- Would you guys--

DAVID ZAHREN: Correct answer is Ford, which means you have a perfect score at this point of 180. Nicely done, Brunswick. It is now time to meet our third team from Pikesville High School in this semifinal match on "It's Academic." Let's find out about these guys. Let's start with the captain of the team, Ben. Ben, nice to have you back.

- Yeah. I'm Ben, and I'm a senior at Pikesville High School. And today I'd just like to thank our alternates-- Andre, Steven, Elizabeth, Fetachuqu and Riley for coming to practice every day and helping us prepare for today, the big day.

- Hi. I'm Jacob. I'm a senior at Pikesville. Aside from "It's Academic," I run cross-country and I'm on the baseball team. And I'd like to thank our friends and family for all their support.

- Hi, guys.

DAVID ZAHREN: How you doing?

- I'm Ryan. And I'm a senior at Pikesville High School. And I want to give a really big thank you to our amazing principal, Ms. Reid, for giving us her unconditional support, and also our coach, Mr Goodman.

DAVID ZAHREN: All right, guys. Let's get started in our game here. In our opening round, we have four questions for you. And if you're ready, here is your first question. "Try to google it." Try to find here the hidden name of what West African country whose capital is Lome.

- Togo?

DAVID ZAHREN: It is Togo. Good start. Here's a multiple-choice. Icosahedron, dodecahedron, or octahedron-- of these three-dimensional geometric shapes, which one is a figure with 20 faces?

- It's the first one, guys, right?

- Yeah.

- Number one?

- You got it, Jacob. The first one is right, icosahedron. Next-- molybdenum, sodium, and cobalt-- combine the chemical symbols for these elements and you'll spell the name of what tiny principality located on the French Riviera?

- Monaco?

- Monaco?

DAVID ZAHREN: It is Monaco. We end with a quote. "The "Daily Mail" won the war." The "Daily Mail" is a British newspaper. The war in question was World War I. And the speaker was what embittered German Kaiser?

- That'd be Kaiser Wilhelm, guys?

- Yeah.

DAVID ZAHREN: It is Kaiser Wilhelm. And that means you end this opening round with 180 points, perfect score. Nice start, Pikesville. Don't go away. When we come back, we'll be looking at some pictures in our "Picture Perfect" round. You'll want to see them.