It's Academic 6-5-2021 Clip 5

It's Academic 6-5-2021 Clip 5

Video Transcript

- Welcome back, everyone. A tour de force performance from all of our schools today. This is the semifinal, there is no doubt about it. We are proud of each one of the players here today, and thankful to all of the coaches, and alternates, and principals, and other administrators that are here. You all made for a terrific day here on It's Academic.

Our final tally today. Brunswick High School, 470. Hammond High School, 505. And today's winner, with 545 points, The Purple Wave. Pikesville High School. They will be moving on to the Finals.

And, I'd like you to join us next week for another semifinal game. We'll be featuring Centennial, Delaney, and South Carol right here, on Its Academic. And I hope you'll join us then. I'm David Zahren and, thanks for being with us today. Bye, bye, everybody.