It's Academic: April 10, 2021, Part 1

It's Academic: April 10, 2021, Part 1

Video Transcript

- It's Academic with David Zahren. Teams from Aberdeen, Reservoir, and Western meet today on It's Academic.

- It's Academic brought to you by Giant-- new things are happening at Giant. And by Morgan State University-- growing the future, leading the world.

DAVE ZAHREN: Hi, everyone. I'm Dave Zahren, and welcome to our program-- a show that has been sponsored by Giant Food for the last 50 years, and also more recently by Morgan State University. We're really happy to have you here today and see if you can match wits with our outstanding students.

And let's meet the first three. They hail from Aberdeen High School, and let's start with that Captain. And Adnan, we like your background there. Tell us about yourself.

- Hi, my name is Adnan Benjamin. And I am a senior. I attend the Science and Math Academy at Aberdeen High School. In addition to Its Academic, I'm also an officer for the Math and French Honors Society and a member of the Science National Honor Society.

DAVE ZAHREN: Wow, an accomplished young man. Good to have you here. Let's talk to-- you're welcome. Jacob, nice to have you. You're in the woods there today. We like your background. Tell us about yourself.

- I'm really happy that I got reception out here. I'm also a senior at the Science and Mathematics Academy. And in addition to the Academic Team, I'm a member of National Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, and National Spanish Honor Society.

DAVE ZAHREN: Wow, it sounds like all the honor societies are lucky enough to have you as a member. Nice to have you here. And our third member here, who is a returnee-- Julius, nice to have you back on the show. Tell us about yourself.

JULIUS ANGELO: It's nice to be back. My name is Julius Angelo. I'm a senior at the Science and Math Academy at Aberdeen High School, and I am part of my band's percussion line. And I'm also in the National Honors Society.

DAVE ZAHREN: Well, all right. That seems to be a prerequisite for all of you guys. All right, if you're ready, let's get started in our game here. In our first round we have four questions for you-- 20 points for each correct answer, and no penalties should you miss. So if you're ready, Aberdeen, here is your first question.

Exhume rusty coffin-- hidden in this phrase is the name of what long bone of the upper arm?

JULIUS ANGELO: Conferring-- it's humerus, right?

- That's what I was thinking.

- That's what I'm thinking.

DAVE ZAHREN: That's exactly right, guys. Good start-- humerus. Next-- I rent a lamp. The letters in this sentence can be rearranged to name what British legislature, which includes the House of Commons?

- Parliament?

DAVE ZAHREN: Parliament is right. All right, you're on a roll. Next-- Ubykh. The last speaker of this language, which had 81 consonants, died in 1992 in what Eurasian country whose capital is Ankara?

JULIUS ANGELO: It's Turkey, right guys?

- I do not know.

JULIUS ANGELO: I believe it's Turkey.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is indeed Turkey. All right, let's get them all right here in this opening round. Here's your fourth question. It is a quote-- "the monument of a moment". The poet Dante Rossetti used this phrase to describe what specific form of poetry that has 14 lines?

- Does anyone know?

- I do not.

DAVE ZAHREN: Gentlemen, the correct answer there was the sonnet. Still, you had a great first round. You have 160 points. Keep going.

It is now time to meet our second team today from Reservoir High School. And they're ready and raring to go. Let's find out about each of the players. Let's start with our captain, Jessie. Jessie, tell us a little about Jessie?

- Oh, gosh. Where do I start? So I'm a senior at Reservoir High School. I've been doing It's Academic for two or three years-- first started because Mr. Josh over here actually told me to join, and I said, well, I've got nothing to do on a Friday. So I joined and haven't looked back ever since.

DAVE ZAHREN: Wow, we're so glad. You're a wonderful player, and yeah, we owe Josh a finder's fee for this. Kieran-- Kieran, tell us about yourself. Nice to have you back.

- Yes. My name is Kieran Green. I'm a junior at Reservoir High School. I've been doing It's Academic for around two years now. I really enjoy it. They give us free food. I think it's a lot of fun.

DAVE ZAHREN: Free food-- yes indeed. Hang a pork chop in the window, and you got people coming to your house. Absolutely right. All right, Josh, nice to have you here. We like that Marilyn tie. We like the Gators. Tell us about Josh.

- Thank you. So hello, my name is Josh. I'm a junior at Reservoir. This is my third year doing It's Academic, first time on the show. If I'm being honest, the thing I miss most about being in school is doing It's Academic. It was the highlight of every Friday. We still get to do it virtually, and I'm glad that I we're still able to be here today.

DAVE ZAHREN: We're going to make you our PR agent. You're just terrific. Thank you, Josh. All right, let's get to your first round here-- first four questions. If you're ready, Reservoir, here's your first question. Have lab do menus-- hidden here is the scientifically correct name for what part of the body more casually referred to as the belly?

- Abdomen.

DAVE ZAHREN: Abdomen is right indeed-- right smack dab in the center there. Next, good start. Late ring-- please rearrange the letters in this anagram to name what geometric figure that can be scalene or isosceles.

- Triangle.

DAVE ZAHREN: That's right. Next-- this is the national name of what Asian country whose capital is Seoul.

- South Korea.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is South Korea. Excellent. And lastly, we have a quote for you. "Fools take to themselves the respect given their offices." These wise words are from what ancient Greek slave who taught moral lessons through a series of fables?

- Aesop.

DAVE ZAHREN: Aesop it is. Nice round. Perfect score thus far-- 180. Keep it up. It is now time to meet the team from Western High School. And let's find out about the players. Let's go to our captain, Camry. Camry, tell us about yourself, please.

- Hello, my name is Camry Muldes. I prefer to be called Cam. I am 17 years old, attend the Western High School, as you see on my sweatshirt. I have my own business called KOS Moves, and I am involved in multiple opportunities with school and outside of school.

DAVE ZAHREN: Wow, Cam-- an entrepreneur. That's just tremendous. So nice to have you back, because you were with us last year, as was your teammate, Anissa. Anissa, tell us a little about yourself, please.

- Hi, I'm Anissa Allen-- 18 years old. And I haven't been doing much in terms of activities because of the pandemic, but I do intend on playing softball this year as well.

DAVE ZAHREN: That's right. I like that determination. And the third member of your team is not with us at the moment, but if Kelly shows up, we'll add her to the team. But I know the two of you are going to do just fine. All right, Western, if you're ready, let's get started. And here is your first question. Offer a donation-- we'll donate 20 points to your score if you find in this phrase what element-- a noble gas with atomic number 86?

- Neon?

DAVE ZAHREN: Say it again, please.

- Neon.

DAVE ZAHREN: Not neon-- radon is in there. R-A-D-O-N-- radon. Good try. Get this next one. Beg rice-- you don't have to beg. Just rearrange the letters to name what sort of cold floating formation that collided with the Titanic in 1912?

- Iceberg.

DAVE ZAHREN: Iceberg-- you got it. Good. Next-- here you have the official name of what Central European country whose capital city is Vienna?

- Austria.

DAVE ZAHREN: Austria is correct. You're on a roll. Last question in this round is a quote. "Age cannot wither her." With these words, Shakespeare paid tribute to what Egyptian queen who committed suicide in 30 BC by allowing a snake to bite her?

- Cleopatra.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yeah, it is Cleopatra. Excellent. Takes you to 160 points. Keep it going. And when we come back-- talk about keeping it going-- we're going to move on to the picture perfect round.