It's Academic: April 10, 2021, Part 2

It's Academic: April 10, 2021, Part 2

Video Transcript

- All right, Aberdeen, now time for the picture perfect brand, we have three pictures for you. Each correct answer worth 20 points. 20 points off if you miss and should you decide, you don't know what that is you have the option to pass and you lose just 10 points. You ready, guys? Here's your first picture. Here it comes. Nebraska's chimney rock which is visible from 30 miles away was a major landmark for pioneers following what trail name for a Western State?

- Oregon Trail.

- Oregon Trail.

- You got it. Oregon Trail it is. Next. What is the y-intercept of the line given by this equation?

- Negative 8.

- It is negative 8. All right. I have one more picture for you. You're doing nicely. This Jaguar is enjoying a drink in one of the rainforests of what Central American country that was once British Honduras? Its capital is Belmopan.

- Does anyone know?

- I do not know.

- Favorite of ecotourists. The country is Belize. Belize. Still you're doing well. A total of 190 points at this point. All right, Reservoir, now time for the picture perfect round. First picture coming into view, here it is. The ship in this painting is the Argo. The ship of what mythical leader of the Argonauts?

- Jason.

- Jason and the Argonauts, that's it. Next. Which of the angles here has a tangent of 1?

- All right conferring, do you want to go 305?

- Go 305, yeah.

- Wait, cause three tangent. I'm trying to remember my unit circle and it's not working.

- OK. Captain, I need an answer from you. Give me an answer or pass, what is your choice?

- 305.

- Actually it's 225. 225 was the third choice. There was the correct answer. Next. Last picture. Bryce Canyon is a popular tourist attraction in what Western State that also boasts the Bonneville Salt Flats.

- Utah. I believe.

- Absolutely right. Utah it is, which means you are now at 200 points. You're sitting pretty. All right. Western, it's now time for the picture perfect round. We have three pictures for you. Let's look at the first one. Winter snow just increases the beauty of this West Virginia state forest named for what type of Catholic Gothic style church such as Notre Dame in Paris?

- Cathedral.

- It is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Excellent. Next. Math question. Perform the indicated operation. Giving me your answer as an integer please.

- 750.

- Say it again, please.

- 750.

- It is 750. Perfect. And last picture. This Lizard can be found on what Indian Ocean island country whose largest city is Colombo?

- Pass.

- All right that beautiful lizard was on the island of Sri Lanka and you have 190 point. You're doing really well, Western. We'll be right back.