It's Academic: April 10, 2021, Part 3

It's Academic: April 10, 2021, Part 3

Video Transcript

- It's now time to meet the coach, the principal, and the ultimate at Aberdeen High School. And here to do the honors is Aberdeen's captain, the one and only, Edmond. Take it away.

- This is our coach/counselor Ms. Ashley. I'd like to thank her for giving my team and I the opportunity for one more year of academic team even in a virtual environment. And making sure that we all attend the meeting on time. This is our principal Mr. Quick. I'd like to thank him for creating a great environment for the school even in this virtual times that we're in. And this is Collin a Junior at the SMA and our alternate. And I would like to thank him for being here and making sure just in case one of us aren't here.

- Wow. What a nice introduction for everybody there Edmond. A gracious guy. Thank you Mr. Principal and Mr. Alernate and Coach, thank you for being with us. It is now time Aberdeen for the packet round. I have seven questions for you. Get them all right. You get 25 bonus points each one is worth 20 points but no penalty should you miss any of them. So, if you're ready, guys. Let's go. In the 1840s, the failure of what tuber vegetable crop caused widespread famine in Ireland and led almost one million people to emigrate to America?

- A potato.

- Potato.

- Absolutely. The great potato famine. Good answer. Look but don't touch, might have been the good advice for anyone meeting what Mythical King who turned everything he touched to Gold.

- Midas.

- King Midas is right. Here's a science question for you, gentlemen. Choose, please among lymph, auxin, or enzyme. Of these three terms, which one refers specifically to a protein that acts as a catalyst? An enzyme.

- An enzyme. Absolutely right. Got them all right so far. Next. Although South Carolina is now nicknamed for the Palmetto tree, an earlier state nickname referred to what halogen whose chemical symbol is the letter I?

- Iodine.

- Iodine is right. Thank you, Captain. Next. The population of Pitcairn island in the Pacific is less than 100 persons. All descended from the crew of what ship on which Fletcher Christian led a mutiny against captain Bligh?

- Does anyone know?

- I do not.

- Answer there is the Bounty. The HMS Bounty. The mutiny on the Bounty. Try the math question, gentlemen. Evaluate this expression giving me your answer as a positive integer please.

- Confirming 81.

- I got that as well.

- Got it. 81. Nice. Next. Last question for you in the packet round is all presidents signed documents, but a number of paintings were signed by what artistic 34th president a two term Republican.

- Does anyone know?

- No.

- Correct answer there, gentlemen, was General Eisenhower. Eisenhower. That means you end this round total 290 points, you're still in good shape. Keep it up. It is now time to meet the two coaches and the principal from Reservoir High School and nobody better to introduce them than our Captain Jessie. Hi. So today we have three lovely supporters from our school today. We have our two coaches, Ms. [? Coker ?] and Mr. Edwards who have been coaching with us for as long as I've been at the school. And then we have our brand new principal, Principal Shortridge.

- Wow. Brand new principal. Nice to have you here, sir. And thank you so much, coach. Both coaches and Mr. New Principal, good to have you on with us. All right, Reservoir, it is now time for your packet round questions. And if you are ready, here is the first of the seven questions. Some say the practice of giving diamond engagement rings first became popular during the Renaissance. In what Italian city where canals and gondolas are found?

- Is it Venice?

- Venice.

- Venice.

- It is Venice indeed. Next. One of the best places for astronomical research is the marijuana caia observatory and what last state to join the union?

- Hawaii.

- It is Hawaii. Boy, I heard that in triplicate. Nice work. Next. Here's a science question. Choose among clay, limestone, and shale. Underground caves were formed by groundwater dissolving which of these?

- Limestone, I think.

- It is indeed limestone. Great. Next Marrie and Pierre are common names in France. But what specific Marrie and Pierre when the 1903 Nobel physics prize for their discovery of radium?

- Curie.

- It is correct. Some people don't like to be alone for even a few minutes. But in the title of a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you have how many years of solitude?

- Conferring. What are we thinking?

- Are we better off not answering?

- No, because there is no penalty. So I'm trying to think. Gabriel Garcia--

- Time .

- OK, we guess.

- Jessie, any number for me.

- 50.

- You were almost there half way, 100 Years of Solitude was the name of the book. Try this math question Reservoir, evaluate this expression giving me your answer as an integer please.

- OK. So d. 1% is 2.57.


10% is 25, right? But 2.5. Is 1% and 1% is at times 8. So 2.5 times 8 2.5 is 5.

- All right. We need an answer from you Jesse.

- 20. It is 20. Excellent. Last question for you in the packet round is this. Among the soldiers at the Battle of Antietam, was what 19-year-old Sergeant who would later become our 25th president. That would be-- conferring. That is the guy after Cleveland, that would be

- Harrison?

- No, no. Harrison was between Cleveland.

- You think it's Hayes?

- Was it Hayes?

- I think Hayes.

- Hayes, final answer.

DAVID ZAHREN: Oh, that was William McKinley, Reservoir. So you had a nice round there. You're at 300 points with one round to go. Keep up the good work.

All right. it is now time to meet the principal and the coach at Western High School, and here to introduce them is Cam. Cam, take it away.

- OK, so today, guys, we have Mr. Bachman, Project Lead The Way engineering teacher, and coach of It's Academic. And we have Ms. White, the principal of the oldest all-girls school in America.

DAVID ZAHREN: Wow. Wow, what accomplishments, both of you. And you're obviously held in great esteem by these two young ladies here. Thank you so much for being here. And thank you, Coach, for all that you do. All right. Western, here are your questions in the packet round. The first of seven questions is this one. To symbolize happiness, Renaissance painters sometimes included in their portraits what precious green stone, which also names the capital city in the Land of Oz?

- Emerald.

DAVID ZAHREN: It is Emerald, absolutely right. Emerald City. Next, the Post Office put its official stamp on the space program when it issued a 1991 stamp picturing the Viking orbiter as it approached what planet, fourth from the sun?

- Venus.

DAVID ZAHREN: Not Venus. Correct answer there is Mars. Mars is the fourth planet out from the sun. Here's a science question for you, it's a multiple choice. Gallium, meniscus, or creosote. Which of these terms refers to the curved shape of the surface of a liquid in a test tube as a result of surface tension?

- Creosote.

DAVID ZAHREN: Actually, it's the one in the center. It's called a meniscus. A meniscus. Try this next one. One of Malaysia's chief exports is what latex derived substance for which Charles Goodyear developed the vulcanization process?

That process was rubber, vulcanized rubber. Here's one for you. Science fiction books are often set at sometime in the future. But the title of Arthur Clarke's book, "A Space Odyssey," specifies what specific year, now in the past?

- 2000?

DAVID ZAHREN: Say it again, Cam.

- 2000?

DAVID ZAHREN: Oh, you were off by just a year. It's 2001. "2001: A Space Odyssey." Get this next one. Here's a math question for you. Evaluate this expression, giving me your answer as a positive integer, please.

- Two.

DAVID ZAHREN: It is two, good. Last question for you in the packet round. During the reign of England's King William IV, the American envoy to Britain was what New Yorker who later became the eighth US President?

- Andrew Jackson?

DAVID ZAHREN: It was Martin Van Buren. Martin Van Buren was the answer there. Still a decent round for you, Western. You now have 230 points. Keep it up as we head into the next round, which we will have when we get back. Stay tuned for the grab bag.