It's Academic: March 13, 2021, Part 1

It's Academic: March 13, 2021, Part 1

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DAVE ZAHREN: Teams from Archbishop Curley, Queen Anne's County, and Fallston meet today on "It's Academic."

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DAVE ZAHREN: Hi, everyone, I'm Dave Zahren. Thanks for joining us today on "It's Academic," a game show that has been sponsored for over 50 years by Giant Food, and now more recently also by Morgan State University. And we hope all of you out there watching match wits with these outstanding players here today and have some fun along the way. Let's meet our first team, and they're from Archbishop Curley High School. And let's go to our captain, Joseph. And Joseph, tell us something really neat about yourself.

JOSEPH: Hi, my name is Joseph. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at Archbishop Curley. An addition to "It's Academic," I'm part of the coding club, chess club, swim team, and math honors society.

MIKE: Hello, I am Mike Rakowski. I'm a junior at Archbishop Curley.

NATE: Hi, I'm Nate Hoansee. I'm an 18-year-old senior at Archbishop Curley High School.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right, guys. We have 18 questions for you. The first four in the opening round here are worth 20 points, and there are no penalties should you miss. So if you're ready, let's start the game. Here is your first question, Curley. "Let pa tell a joke." Instead of a joke, please tell me if you can find in this sentence what hidden word that's another name for the kneecap.

JOSEPH: I'm not sure. Do you know, Nate?

NATE: Would it be a patella?

DAVE ZAHREN: You got it. Nate got it. It is the patella, P-A-T-E-L-L-A. Let's move on. Good start, guys. "Cost for a taxi ride and a ball that's not foul." Here you have clues to what pair of homonyms, two words that sound alike but are spelled differently?

MIKE: Let me [INAUDIBLE] something.


NATE: A first guess is free, Joe. Any guesses?

DAVE ZAHREN: OK, a ball that's not foul is fair. And the cost for a taxi ride is fare, F-A-R-E and F-A-I-R. Try the next one, guys. It's a multiple-choice. "Glacier, Big Bend, or Yosemite?" All three of these national parks are popular with tourists. Which one is in Texas?

MIKE: Big Bend.

JOSEPH: I think--


NATE: I believe it's Big Bend.

DAVE ZAHREN: Big Bend is correct, good. Let's end this opening round with a quote. "The satellite does not raise my apprehension." President Eisenhower spoke those reassuring words in 1957 after the Soviet Union launched what first artificial satellite to orbit Earth?

JOSEPH: I believe it's Sputnik.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is Sputnik, and that means you end this opening round with 160 points. You're off to a great start, Curley. And it is now time to meet our second team today, from Queen Anne's County High School. And let us find out about our players. We have a pair of brothers here. And let's talk to the captain, and that would be Connor. Connor, welcome to the show, and tell us a little about yourself.

CONNOR: Hi, I'm Connor Chris. I'm a senior at Queen Anne's County High School. And I'm really interested in mathematics, and I want to say thank you to my parents for making me-- like building up who I am.

JONAS: I'm Jonas Chris. I'm a sophomore at Queen Anne's County High School.

CLARA: Hi, my name is Clara Hawkins. I'm currently a 9th grader at Queen Anne's County High School.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right, let's get going. Here is your first question, Queen Anne's County. "Thank leprechauns." You'll be thankful if you can find in this phrase what anatomical joint located just below the tibia and fibula bones?

JONAS: Ankle.

DAVE ZAHREN: Ankle is correct. Good start to the game. Next, "a commercial and opposite of subtract." These clues should lead you to what pair of homonyms, words that sound alike but are spelled differently?


DAVE ZAHREN: Add and ad, you got it. A-D and A-D-D-. I want you to choose among "Long Island Sound, McMurdo Sound, and Puget Sound." You can demonstrate sound judgment by identifying which of these bodies of water as being on the coast of Antarctica.

JONAS: McMurdo?

DAVE ZAHREN: McMurdo Sound it is, perfect. Get this last one, and you'll have them all right in the first round. It's a quote. "Round about his teeth is terror." This is the biblical description of a sea monster, sometimes thought to be what alligator-like reptile that menaced the fictional Captain Hook?

JONAS: Crocodile.

DAVE ZAHREN: Crocodile it is. Nicely done, Queen Anne's County. You now have 180 points. Keep it going. It is now time to meet our third team. They hail from Fallston High School. And let's go and find out about each and every one of them. Let's go to our captain, Austin. Austin, nice to have you on the show. It's part of a family tradition, isn't it?

AUSTIN: Yep, my brother, David, was on the show a few years ago. So I'm Austin Richie. I'm a senior at Fallston High School. And along with "It's Academic," I'm the president of my student government.

PATRICK: Hi, I am Patrick. I'm 17. I'm a senior at Fallston High School. And along with academic team, I also participate in mock trial.

JACK: Hi, I'm Jack Gehrey. I'm 17, and I'm a senior at Fallston High School.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right, gentlemen. Let's get started. First four questions. Here is the first one. "A starter yells." You won't have to yell if you can find the hidden name of what type of blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.

AUSTIN: Artery.


DAVE ZAHREN: An artery is correct, indeed, yes. Next, "a group of cows and listened to." These two definitions fit what two words that sound alike but are spelled differently?



PATRICK: Right, guys?

DAVE ZAHREN: Herd and heard, that's it. Here's a multiple choice. Choose either Atlantis, El Dorado, or Shangri La. Which of these is the name of a legendary Greek island said to have been destroyed by an earthquake?

AUSTIN: Atlantis, right?

JACK: You think Atlantis, guys?


DAVE ZAHREN: Atlantis, yes, the legend of Atlantis. We end this round with a quote. "The infant universe had a growth spurt." This quote from an astrophysicist expressed the belief that the universe went from submicroscopic to its present size in less than a second, according to what theory with a two-word alliterative name?

AUSTIN: Big Bang.

PATRICK: Big Bang.

DAVE ZAHREN: Big Bang it is, which means you get all of the questions right in that first round here. That means right now, you have 180 points, Fallston.


And when we come back, we're going to be moving on to the Picture Perfect round, pictures with each question. You're going to like it. We'll be right back.