It's Academic: March 20, 2021 (Part 2)

It's Academic: March 20, 2021 (Part 2)

Video Transcript

- All right. It's now time for the Picture Perfect round. We have three pictures for you. Each correct answer is worth 20 points. If you miss one, we take 20 points away. But if you have no idea what we're showing you, you have the option of saying, Dave, we'll pass on that one, in which case you lose only 10 points instead of 20. OK. All right, let's bring up your first picture. Here it is.

Dwight Davis, once Secretary of War, is best remembered for establishing the Davis Cup in what sport where Serena Williams stars?

- Would this be tennis?

- Exactly right. Yes, indeed. Every tennis player wants the Davis Cup. Next question. Here's your picture, the red square here covers what noble gas whose name comes from a Greek word meaning "strange one"? Its symbol is Xe.

- Xenon. Wait, Charlotte, do you think it's xenon?

- Yes, I agree.

- It is indeed xenon. Nice work there, girls. Last picture coming up. Each city has its own style, this is a street in what city that is the capital of South Korea?

- Seoul.

- That is Seoul, South Korea. I like your smiles out there. 240 points-- you have a perfect score at this point, ladies. All right, Milford Mill. You're going well, now it's time for your Picture Perfect round. Here's the first picture coming into view. Andre Bouchon, who painted this fruit stand, was actually a gardener before going off in 1914 to fight in what war?

- Is it World War I?

- It is World War I. Absolutely right, yes. I saw your eyes light up. Next, this is the chemical formula for what alkaloid-- a mild stimulant-- found in coffee and tea, that can keep you awake and make you jittery?

- Caffeine.

- It is caffeine. Last picture coming up. Operating today, as it has for centuries, this is one of the floating markets in what capital city of Thailand?

- Um, capital city of Thailand. Oh my goodness. Capital city of Thailand. Oh my goodness, this is hard.

- Time.

- All right. So you take a pass on that. Correct answer there was Bangkok. Bangkok.

- Oh my goodness.

- I knew it was on the tip of your tongue. You end this round now. You have a total of 210 points, nice work. All right, Marriotts Ridge, it is now time for the Picture Perfect round and here is your first picture. If you want to see five-foot lily pads, you'd have to journey to what longest South American River?

- Amazon, I believe.

- Amazon, Amazon.

- Amazon is correct. Next the red square on this chart covers what gaseous element that was discovered on the sun before it was discovered on Earth? Its symbol is He.

- Helium.

- Helium, I think it's helium.

- Helium it is. Last picture for you in this round. These flowers can be seen in what West Indies island country, whose capital is Kingston?

- Jamaica. All right guys, Jamaica.

- OK, Jamaica.

- Kingston, Jamaica. You got them all, which means you end this round with a total of 240 points. And when we come back, we'll be moving on to the packet round and meeting coaches, and administrators, and alternates at our schools. Don't go away.