It's Academic: March 20, 2021 (Part 3)

It's Academic: March 20, 2021 (Part 3)

Video Transcript

DAVE ZAHREN: Welcome back, everyone. Before we ask any more questions, a few personal introductions. Let's meet the coach and the principal at Glenelg High School. And Charlotte is going to introduce them for us. Go ahead, Charlotte.

Yes, so today we have our wonderful principal, Mr Burton. And we have our wonderful coach, Mr Morton. And he was my chemistry teacher last year and we're so glad to have him here, today.

Nice to have you here, Mr. Principal. Nice to have you here, as well. Thanks for joining us. All right, Glenelg. It's now time to move on to the packet round. In this round, each question is worth 20 points. No penalties. And if you get all seven of these right, which I know you can do, I have 25 bonus points for you. You can do it, can't you? Yes, you can. All right. Here we go. First packet round question. "Five Quarts" is the title of a book about what substance which people donate by the pint to the Red Cross?

- Blood, I think.

- Yes, blood.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is blood, indeed. Good answer. Though she may or may not have saved the life of Captain John Smith, what North American woman, daughter of Chief Powhatan, did marry John Rolfe of the Jamestown colony?

- Pocahontas? - It was Pocahontas. You got that one, immediately. Right on the tip of your tongue. Here's a science question for you, ladies. It's a multiple choice. Kilo-Calorie, BTU, or Erg. The metric system uses the calorie as a unit of heat. Which of these terms refers to the unit of heat as used in the pound-foot-second system?

- Hmm, pound-foot-second.

- Elizabeth, what was that?

- I never heard of it. If kilo-calorie is heat, then what about BTU?

- Something something--

- Time.

DAVE ZAHREN: BTU is correct, indeed. A British thermal unit. Nicely done. Let's move on. A plan to establish the first schools for girls in Russia was one project of what 18th century woman who became empress of Russia and was called "The Great?"

- Catherine?

DAVE ZAHREN: Yeah, that was Catherine the Great. Next. Told from the perspective of the character Edward Cullen, the novel "Midnight Sun" is by what author of the Twilight series?

- Stephanie Meyer?

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, it is. I saw your eyes light up on that one. Perfect. Here's a math question for you, Glenelg. I want you to evaluate this expression giving me your answer as an integer.

- OK. 4% of 250. Elisabeth?

- I think that would be 10 if you guys can fact check me on that.

- I think--

- Time.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is 10. Perfect. Here's your last question. If you get it, I'll give you 25 bonus points. Listen, carefully. The world's oldest continuing parliament is the Althing, A-L-T-H-I-N-G, In what North Atlantic country whose capital is Reykjavik?

- I think that Iceland, guys.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is Iceland for 25 bonus points. Congratulations, Glenelg. You now have 405 points. I like those smiles. It is now time to meet the coach and the administrators at Milford Mill Academy. And Amaya our Captain is going to do the honors. Go ahead, Maya.

- I would like to thank our resilient coach, Miss Collymore-Sucre, for supporting us throughout this tremulous year, and despite the challenges, sticking with us. I'd also like to thank our administrators, Miss Kyria Joseph and Miss Gillespie for being steadfast in supporting us and the administration. at our school.

DAVE ZAHREN: What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for being here. And thanks all of you for being here to support these wonderful young people. And would like to take a moment also to recognize Miss Powell, who is the former coach at Milford Mill Academy. And I do not know that we have ever had four representatives from one school here to back up those teams. It's so nice to have you here. And we appreciate all your past efforts.

- Thank you.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right. It is now time for the packet round. Here is your first question. "Don't tread on me" were the words that appeared on several early American flags that featured what reptile?

- Snake.

DAVE ZAHREN: Snake. Absolutely right. We think it was a rattlesnake but we're not sure. Nice answer. Next. Data collected by NASA suggests it unlikely that what planet, the fourth from the Sun, ever had a warm balmy climate as was once believed?

- Mars.

DAVE ZAHREN: Mars. The Angry red planet. You got two. Get five more. Here we go. Science question. It is a visual and it's a multiple choice. Protein, carbohydrates, or water, which of these is the most abundant compound in protoplasm?

- Amaya, what do you say?

- Protein? Trevor?

- I want to say carbohydrates.

DAVE ZAHREN: Actually, it was the last one. Water. Water. We are mostly water. We're mostly protoplasm. Let's go. You can get the next one. Here we go. Here's a quote. "I can make it howl" was the boast of what Union General in reference to Georgia as he marched through the state to the sea in 1864?

- Not sure.

- Trevor?

- You don't remember that?

- No.

DAVE ZAHREN: Sherman's march to the sea. William Sherman was his name. Try this next one. In addition to writing a successful play or two, Shakespeare also produced over 100 examples of what type of 14 line poem?

- Sonnet?

- Sonnet. That's it. Math question for you Milford Mill. Let's get this one. Taking positive roots. What is the value of this expression, please?

- I'm going to say 107.

DAVE ZAHREN: It is 107. Boy I could see all the tumblers going up there. You got it right. Last question for you in this round. "Dead Wake" is the title of a book about what ocean liner whose 1915 sinking by a German submarine brought the US closer to World War I?

- Amaya, what do you think?

- I'm unsure for this one.

- I don't know.

DAVE ZAHREN: Correct answer there was the Lusitania. But you still have a good game going here. Right now you have 290 points Milford Mill.

Let's meet the coach and the principal at our wonderful school, Marriotts Ridge. And doing the honors is our Captain, Anderson.

- Today we have here our great coach, Mr Dubbs who was instrumental in allowing us to be here. And our beloved principal, Miss Goldeisen.

DAVE ZAHREN: Wow. Great and beloved, you can't do better than that. Thank you, coach. And thank you, Miss Principal for being here today. And now gentlemen, let's move into the packet round. And here is the first of your questions.

The world's 10 highest mountains are located in different countries, but all of them are on what continent?

- I believe Asia.

- Asia.

- Asia.

DAVE ZAHREN: Asia. Absolutely right. In 2014, a $0.25 coin picturing a snowy egret honored the wildlife in what Florida National Park?

- The Everglades.

DAVE ZAHREN: Everglades, down there at the tip. Yes, indeed. Here's a question for you. It is a multiple choice. Burst into flames, be extinguished, or show no change, if a burnt stick that is still glowing is thrust into a bottle filled with oxygen, the stick will do which of these things?

- Burst into flames, I believe.

- I think so, yeah.

- Burst into flames.

DAVE ZAHREN: It does burst into flames. Absolutely right. Next. Had you been a member of Erfurt University's class of 1505, your classmates would have included what man who started the Protestant Reformation with his "Ninety-Five Theses?"

- Martin Luther?

- Martin Luther?

DAVE ZAHREN: You all knew that one. You all jumped in. Perfect. Next. You can't always trust your friends. What Shakespeare title character was stabbed by his good friends, Brutus and Cassius?

- Julius Caesar? Julius Caesar.

DAVE ZAHREN: Julius Caesar is correct. Here's a math question for you, Marriotts Ridge. To what power of y is this expression equal to, please?

- 7?

- 7?

DAVE ZAHREN: 7 is correct. All right. 25 bonus points if you get this last one. Listen carefully. A memoir titled "A Black Explorer at the North Pole" was written by what man who joined Robert Perry in reaching the pole?

- Shackleton, maybe? Robert?

- Robert Perry in reaching-- is it the North Pole, did he say?

- I think it's the North Pole.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, North Pole.

- Shackleton? That's my best guess.

- That's our best answer.

DAVE ZAHREN: The correct answer there, the African-American, his name was Matthew Henson. Matthew Henson was the right answer there. Still, you had a wonderful round there, Marriotts Ridge. You end this round. And at this point, you have 360 points. Keep it up as we head to the grab bag round, the finale, which is coming up next. We'll be right back.