It's Academic: March 27, 2021, Part 1

It's Academic: March 27, 2021, Part 1

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- "It's Academic" with David Zahren. Teams from John Carroll, Patapsco, and Long Reach meet today on "It's Academic."


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DAVE ZAHREN: Hi, everyone. I'm Dave Zahren. Welcome to "It's Academic," a show that has been sponsored for the last 50 years by Giant Food and more recently also by Morgan State University. We're really glad you're with us today and we hope you play along and see if you can answer the questions that these young people will show you that they can answer.

Let's meet our first team and they hail from John Carroll High School.

JACOB: My name is Jacob. I'm an 18-year-old senior at John Carroll

SAM: Hi, everyone. Mt name is Same [INAUDIBLE]. I'm an 18-year-old senior at John Carroll.

SYDNEY: Hi my name is Sydney Miller. I am a 15-year-old sophomore at John Carroll.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right. Let's get into our first round. Here in the opening we have a total of 18 questions for you today. But the first four in the opening round, 20 points for each correct answer, no penalties should you miss. So if you are ready, let's get to your opening round.

All right, John Carroll, here's your first question. Amaze, brave, hero. Instead of amazing a hero see if you can find hidden in this phrase the name of what African equine animal?

SAM: I'm thinking Zebra.

SYDNEY: That would make sense.

JACOB: Uh, yes.

DAVE ZAHREN: That horse is in there. That equine, there's the Zebra. You got it. Here is a multiple-choice. Incriminating them, lending them money, or placating them. If you were mollifying your neighbors you'd be taking which of these actions?

SAM: I'm not sure.

JACOB: Maybe placating.

DAVE ZAHREN: Any idea? It doesn't hurt you to guess in this round.

JACOB: Placating them?

DAVE ZAHREN: Placating is the right, absolutely right. Next question M-A followed by blanks. You can get an MA degree here if you fill in the blanks. Name what fourth chief Justice who delivered the Marbury versus Madison decision.

SAM: I'm thinking Marshall.

JACOB: That sounds correct.

DAVE ZAHREN: Exactly right. It is John Marshall. To end the opening round, a quote. As vital as a dead cat in a gutter. This comment comes from a 1920 editorial attacking what international peace-keeping organization that preceded the United Nations?

JACOB: Would that be the League of Nations?

SAM: I'm thinking the League of Nations, too.

SYDNEY: That makes sense.

DAVE ZAHREN: That's it. You're all in agreement, rightly so. It is indeed the League of Nations which means you've got a perfect score at this point, 180 points. John Caroll, keep it up.

It is now time to meet our team from Patapsco High School.

EMILY: I am Emily. I am a senior at Patapsco High School.

CONTESTANT: [INAUDIBLE] Patapsco. I'm am a senior, and I was really involved in the sports thing.

KENNY: I'm Kenny. I'm a Junior over at Patapsco.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right. Let' get into our game here. If you're ready for your first question in the opening round, Patapsco, here it is. Question number one, a cap is a hat. Look at this sentence and see if you can find the name of what Italian city with a famous leaning tower. Anything jump out at you there? Right in the middle of that is Pisa.

EMILY: Pisa.

DAVE ZAHREN: P-I-S-A, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. If you remember Galileo dropped some objects from it. Let's go on. Here's a multiple choice question for you. Three words. Parsimonious, deciduous, and acrimonious. A person who is very stingy can best be described by which of these words?

EMILY: You guys just want to pick one? Which one. I don't really know.

DAVE ZAHREN: It doesn't hurt you to guess here. It does not hurt you to guess. Pick one, please. Again,

EMILY: Is it acrimonious?

DAVE ZAHREN: We're looking for a word that means very stingy. What do you think?

EMILY: Acrimonious.

DAVE ZAHREN: Acrimonious. That's a good try. The correct word is actually the first one, parsimonious. Parsimonious people are stingy. Try this next one. K surrounded by blanks. K is the chemical symbol for potassium but it appears in the name of what metallic chemical element whose symbol is NI?

EMILY: Is that nickel?

DAVE ZAHREN: It is nickel. Good answer. All right, you're on the board. Let's end that first round with a quote. I am certain I was born standing at attention. This is a quote from the son of what World War II general who was elected president in 1952?

EMILY: You guys have a guess?

KENNY: I have no guess.

DAVE ZAHREN: Correct answer there was President Eisenhower. And you'll end that first round with 120 points. It's time now to meet our third team. They hail from Long Reach High School.

MAJOR: Hello, my name is Major Harder. I'm a junior at Long Reach High School.

BEN: Hi. My name is Ben. I'm a junior at Long Reach.

DOMINIC: Hi, my name is Dominic Tyra. I'm a junior at Long Reach High School.

DAVE ZAHREN: All right. Guys, if you're ready for your first questions and your first run let's go to it. Good luck. Here we go. Here's your first question Long Reach. Zebras stand up. You do not need to stand up. Just see if you can find in this sentence what metallic alloy that names a section of a symphony Orchestra.

BEN: I see brass.

DAVE ZAHREN: You see brass and that is exactly what is in there. Thank you. Next. Please choose among unchangeable, dangerous, and awkward. Something that is immutable can best be described by which of these adjectives?

BEN: Just guessing. I think unchangeable, but I'm not sure.

DOMINIC: I think unchangeable, too.

MAJOR: I agree with unchangeable.

DAVE ZAHREN: Unchangeable it is. Good answer. . You're on a roll. Blank archipelago and blank range. To identify a group of islands in the Pacific, and a mountain range on New Guinea, and the name of what German statesmen who also names the capital of North Dakota?

BEN: Any ideas?

DAVE ZAHREN: Is there state capital expert over there? Anybody? Correct answer is Bismarck. Bismarck. Here's the last question for you in the opening round. it is a quote. Thou art a monster! Prosecutors sometimes get carried away. This quote is from the trial of what English courtier and explorer for whom North Carolina's capital is named?

DOMINIC: I'm thinking Raleigh?

DAVE ZAHREN: It is Raleigh, which means you end this opening round with a very respectable 160 points. You're on a roll. Keep it going Long Reach.

When we come back, we're going to be going to the picture perfect round. We've got pictures with our questions. Let's see if you can keep up with the kids when we get to that part.