It's Academic: March 27, 2021, Part 4

It's Academic: March 27, 2021, Part 4

Video Transcript


- All right, John Carroll. Time for the finale, the four questions of the grab bag. And if you're ready, here is question number one. In 2016, it took over 7,000 volumes for a man to print out all the entries in what online encyclopedia started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger?

- Would that be Wikipedia?

- I'm thinking Wikipedia.

- Yes, and where would we be without it? Indeed. Next, though it's harmless, Pennsylvania's state tree shares what name with the poison used when Socrates was forced to commit suicide?

- I believe that would be hemlock, guys.

- Hemlock.

- That is correct. Nicely done. Here's a choice for you, John Carroll. Which of these elements is commonly found in the tip of a match-- bismuth, phosphorus, or silicon?

- I'm thinking phosphorus.

- It is phosphorus. Here's the last question for you in the game, a 30-point visual. Have a look. This map was used by what American general who commanded our expeditionary forces in World War I?

- I'm thinking it's possibly MacArthur, but I'm not sure, Jake, Sydney.

- Is that Civil War?

- That is World War I.

- Time.

- All right, are you offering an answer, or are you passing?

- Uh, let's pass.

- You're gonna pass. The correct answer there was John Pershing. John Pershing was the right answer. Still, you had a great game, John Carroll. You end with 380 points. Nice work, nice work.

All right, Patapsco, it is now time for the finale for the grab bag round. And if you're ready, Patapsco, here is your first question. What is the number gun salute the President of the United States traditionally receives?

- 21?

- 21-gun salute, you got it. Nice. One of the earliest autobiographies was written around 400 AD by what theologian whose name was given to the oldest city in Florida? You've probably heard of it. It is St. Augustine-- St. Augustine, right there on the coast. Here's a choice for you for your third question in the grab bag. Vulcanized rubber is made by strengthening crude rubber with which of these chemicals-- iridium, sulfur, or radon?

- I think it would be sulfur.

- It is sulfur, indeed. Last question of the game for you is a 30-point visual. Have a look. The toast, our country, right or wrong, was made by what American Naval hero who fought in the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812 and whose picture you see here?

- Is it John Paul Jones?

- Correct answer there was Stephen Decatur. So you end the game with 190 points. Patapsco, let's see some smiles out there. You gave it a good effort today.

All right, it is now time for the grab bag for Long Reach. And if the three of you are ready, here is your first grab bag question. You might say, "Many happy returns," if you were to give someone what small curved throwing implement developed by Australian Aborigines?

- Boomerang.

- A boomerang, that's right-- comes right back at you. Next, cars will never drive on what watery Virginia "roads" in quotes-- R-O-A-D-S-- where the monitor met the Merrimack in 1862?

- Any ideas? Should we just pass? I don't have any.

- Pass on that one. It's a place called Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads, down in Southeast Virginia.

Next is a science question for you. It's a multiple choice. If water contains dissolved sugar, is its freezing point higher, lower, or the same as that of pure water?

I don't know. Any ideas?

- I don't think it's the same, but I'm not sure whether it's higher or lower?

- Time!

- What do you want to do, [? Myasia? ?]

- Lower.

- Lower is right. It is lower, just at the last second.

Here's your last question. Good answer. 30-point visual. When he signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, George Reed was a delegate from what colony that would later be the first state to ratify the Constitution?

- Discussing, I think Delaware, right?

- Yeah, I think so too.

- It says that on the license plate, "The First State." Delaware it is. You've got yourself 30 points-- excellent. Which means you end the game, and this round, with 340 points. Nicely done, Long Reach. And when we come back, we'll have everybody back, and we'll let you know who today's winner is on "It's Academic."