It's Academic: May 15, 2021 (Part 4)

It's Academic: May 15, 2021 (Part 4)

Video Transcript


DAVE ZAHREN: All right, teams, in the Lightning Round, you're going to be beating the clock. We're going to see how many of 10 questions you can answer in 45 seconds. You're going to get 20 points for each correct one. 20 points off should you miss. And if you decide to pass, we are making no deductions whatsoever.

All right, Urbana, if you're ready, here is the Lightning Round. Your answers here will all be numbers, not words. A number, not a word. If you're ready, in 3, 2, 1. Between the Earth and the sun, there are this many planets.

- Two.

BRINA: Is it two?

- Two is right. A US Senator has a term of how many years?


- Six years.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, this number constitutional amendment repealed Prohibition.

BRINA: The 21st.

- 21st.

- 21st is right. There are this many syllables in a Japanese haiku.

- 15. Wait--

- 17.

DAVE ZAHREN: 17 is right. In Greek mythology, there were this many faiths.

BRINA: Three.

- Three.

- Yes, there are this many yards in a mile.

BRINA: Pass.

DAVE ZAHREN: 1760. This is the largest three digit number.

BRINA: 999.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, there are this many donuts in seven dozen.

BRINA: 84.


DAVE ZAHREN: Time. Yes, well, yes, it was 84 donuts. In addition to 84 donuts, you got 500 points for this game. A remarkable job. Congratulations, Urbana.

All right, Bryn Mawr, it is now time for your Lightning Round. Let's go. All of your answers in this round will be a number. Each answer will be a number. Here we go, in 3, 2, 1. There are this many sides on a hexagon.


DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, there are this many pints in a gallon.

- Eight.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, the number constitutional amendment, this one allows 18-year-olds to vote.

LILLY: Pass.

DAVE ZAHREN: 26. This is the maximum number of games in a World Series.

- Pass.

DAVE ZAHREN: Seven. The human heart has this many chambers.

- Four.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon as part of this number Apollo mission.

- 11.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, there are this many eggs in nine dozen.

- 96?

DAVE ZAHREN: 108. Fluffy in the Harry Potter books had this many heads.


- Three.

DAVE ZAHREN: Just a second too late. Fluffy does, indeed, have three heads. As a result of that round, you end the game today, Bryn Mawr, with 310 points. Congratulations. Nice work.

All right, Key School, this is it, the end of the game, the lightning round. All of your answers here will be numbers, not words. Numbers, not words. If you're ready, in 3, 2, 1. This many people sing in an octet.

- Eight.

DAVE ZAHREN: Eight is right. Proverbially, a cat has this many lives.

- Nine.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, this number constitutional amendment allows direct election of senators.

SCOTT: 17th.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, this is the atomic number of hydrogen.

- One.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, a standard classical symphony has this number of movements.

SCOTT: Pass.

DAVE ZAHREN: Four. Abraham Lincoln was this number president.


DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, there are this many roses in 15 dozen.

SCOTT: 180.



JILLIAN: Oh, sorry.

DAVE ZAHREN: There are this many nickels in $1.00.

SCOTT: 20.

DAVE ZAHREN: Yes, Vermont entered the union as this number state.


- 14.

DAVE ZAHREN: Vermont entered as number 14. That came just a little late, but you shouldn't be shedding any tears. Because the points in this round, you now have 545 points. What a performance, Key School. Congratulations. When we come back, we'll let you know who the winner is on today's playoff match of "It's Academic."