It's Academic: May 29, 2021 (Part 4)

It's Academic: May 29, 2021 (Part 4)

Video Transcript

- All right, teams. It is now time to Beat the Clock. In the lightning round, we want to see how many of the 10 questions we're going to ask you you can answer in 45 seconds. Each one you get right, 20 points. If you miss, 20 points off, but if you pass, which is your option, you lose nothing.

All right, Howard, it is now time to Beat the Clock. All of your answers in this round will begin with the letter "V," as in Victor. All right, here we go, in 3, 2, 1. This Russian river is the longest in Europe.

- Volga.

- Volga.

- This is the common name for acidic acid.

- Vinegar.

- Yes. The capital of this South Pacific country is Port Vila.

- Pass. Vonuatu. Next. This is the point at which the sides of an angle intersect.

- Vector?

- Vertex was the answer. Next, he was the Roman God of the Forge.

- Pass.

- Vulcan was the answer there. World War II's pro-Nazi French government was based in this city.


- Yes. This cabinet department is now headed by Denis McDonough.

- Veterans Affairs.

- Yes. The Summer Olympics include a beach variety of this sport.

- Volleyball.

- Yes! He wrote-- OK, you can breathe again, guys. I know that was a little tense. You did a nice job. You got 5 of those right, and you end this game, this playoff game, with 455 points. Nice work.

All right, it is now time for the lightning round, Reservoir, you're going to like this. It's Beat the Clock time. How many of these 10 questions we ask you, can you answer in 45 seconds. All of your answers will begin with the letter "Q" the letter Q the first letter in each one. So. If you're ready, Reservoir, in 3, 2, 1, here we go.

This is the French speaking Canadian province.

- Quebec.

- Yes. This dangerous type of loose soil will suck you under.

- Quicksand. Yes. This is the subject of the 3rd Amendment.

- Pass.

- Ordering of soldiers. Next. This is a popular sport in Hogwarts.

- Quidditch.

- Yes. A X squared plus B X plus C equals 0 is this type of equation.

- Quadratic.

- Yes. This is the middle name of our 46th president.

- Quincy?

- Yes. Next, this is a hard crystalline mineral consisting of--

- Quartz.

- It is. The capital of this Middle Eastern country is Doha.

- Qatar.

- Yes. Scientist Niels Bohr is associated with this theory.

- Pass.

- Quantum. Oh. We almost got through the list. You did a great job there getting those Qs guys. You got seven of them right, which means you end the game with 360 points. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You did a nice job today. All right John Cale, let's have some fun. Let's finish the game with the lightning round. Let's see how many of these 10 questions you can answer in the next 45 seconds. And all of your answers must begin with the letter "N" as in Nancy. Every question will be answered with every answer will be with the letter "N". If you're ready in 3, 2, 1.

The gas-- this gas makes up most of the air we breathe.

- Nitrogen.

- Yes This is a term for the back of your neck.

- Nape.

- Nape is right. This 19th century cartoon has created the Democratic donkey.

- Pass. Nast. Next, next this is another name for vitamin B3.

- Pass.

- Niacin. Next, he's the current emperor of Japan. Naruhito. Next, this German philosopher developed a Superman theory.

- Nietzsche.

- Nietzsche is right. This space probe sent as detailed pictures of Pluto.

- Pass.

- New Horizons. Next, this State of the Union right before Arizona. Oh, that state of the Union right before Arizona-- that "N" was New Mexico. You made a good stab at that round there, guys. And you finished today's playoff match with 360 points. Congratulations, John Carol, what a great year you guys have had.

It's been a great game, a competitive game. Who wins? We'll let you know in just a minute.