Academic Notebook: Students of the month

Nov. 4—Helena Dwyer was chosen as the John Marshall Student of the Month for September. She was nominated by Ann Frigaard of the World Languages/EL department for her exploration of the field of education through Into to Teaching.

According to her nomination, she volunteers in a social studies/math classroom at John Adams and is adept at making connections with students. She takes on everything that is put in front of her while remaining positive. She volunteers more time than she is required to. She is always willing to help the students with their work and has done a great job with the responsibilities of the classroom.

Karol Cano Monteverde was chosen as the John Marshall Student of the Month for October. She was nominated by Bridget Bordelon of the World Languages/EL department.

According to her nomination, as a new student to John Marshall this year and a newer student in the United States, Karol has shown herself to be a kind, helpful and valuable addition of the class. She leads by example. She helped a fellow new classmate to understand the class content without being asked. She holds high expectations for herself and works very hard to meet them. She is an excellent role model for her peers and has a positive attitude.

John Marshall Student of the Month is sponsored by the Kiwanis Sunrisers of Rochester.