Accident On NJ Turnpike Causes Delays

A serious accident on New Jersey Turnpike caused major delays for the evening commute. Dan Rice reports from Chopper 2.

Video Transcript

- We're following some breaking news right now. A serious accident on the New Jersey turnpike is causing some major delays for the evening commute. Chopper 2's Dan Rice checking it all out for us, Dan.

DAN RICE: And Christine this all took place on the Western side of the New Jersey Turnpike right-- just North, excuse me, up interchange 15W. You can see the accident investigation going on down here. When we arrived on the scene there was a medevac helicopter down here. They just picked that up off the ground. Unknown extensive injuries, but we can't tell you at least four vehicles involved. You see the one on the tow truck there just to the left of the trees there. There are at least three of the cars behind those trees. The northbound lanes, they were shut down. They just got reopened, but the southbound lanes they are still shut down here North of 15W. These delays take you right out back towards the Meadowlands Sports Complex, so obviously you want to stick with the Eastern part of the turnpike. The Western spur, that's going to be closed for a short time to come. Reporting live in Chopper 2, Dan Rice, "CBS 2 News".

- OK, Dan. Thank you.