‘Accidental’ death ruling for Boston woman after hike with cop up Phoenix mountain

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A Boston woman who died last month while hiking with an off-duty police officer she barely knew succumbed to “environmental heat exposure,” according to the coroner’s office, which ruled her death accidental.

Angela Tramonte, 31, flew out to Phoenix in late July to meet Dario Dizdar, a Phoenix police officer who she knew through social media, according to friends.

A day later, the pair went hiking on Camelback Mountain in temperatures as high as 104°.

Dizdar told officials that Tramonte became overheated after forgetting to bring water, but asked Dizdar to “continue to the top to take pictures so that she could share them on her social media,” according to the Phoenix Police Department.

When Dizdar made it back down the mountain, Tramonte was nowhere to be found.

She was eventually found dead near Echo Canyon Trail after a search that included 30 fire personnel and a helicopter.

At the time, police said Dizdar was a witness and was cooperating fully with the investigation.

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