When an accidental touchdown spells a big fantasy loss

Andy Behrens feels for the fantasy managers burned by that Todd Gurley accidental touchdown Week 7.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: It is once again time to review the most agonizing, gutting, heartbreaking, soul-crushing fantasy defeats from the week past. This right here is "Fantasy Bad Beats." There's a lot we could talk about from the Monday nighter between the Bears and Rams, an utterly regrettable, forgettable game. A lot of you, of course, got burned by that late Bears defensive touchdown, the Robert Woods fumble, whatever.

I don't want to focus on any of that. I, instead, want to talk about the Todd Gurley game. We heard from Kimberly, we heard from Knicks Dude, and we heard from various other people who lost to some combination of Todd Gurley and TJ Hockenson in a set of circumstances that wouldn't happen to any two other teams. This is the sole domain of Detroit and Atlanta. Would never happen to anybody else.

Of course, Todd Gurley, at the end of a game where all he needs to do is take a knee before the goal line-- clock is gonna wind down. Atlanta is gonna get an easy chip shot, tap-in field goal. Easy win. All he has to do is literally not roll into the end zone.

Could not stop his momentum, fell into the end zone, scores an accidental touchdown. That burns thousands of fantasy owners. And then the Lions, of course, come back. Just about a minute to play. Matt Stafford marches them, oh, 75 yards. TJ Hockenson, a couple of catches on that drive and a touchdown. The Lions pull out a miraculous win not in particularly Lions fashion.

So amazing situation. Poor Kimberly lost to a combination of both Matthew Stafford and TJ Hockenson with a bunch of garbage points that shouldn't have been available to them. Poor Knicks Dude losing to a team that started both Todd Gurley and TJ Hockenson, a couple of touchdowns that just shouldn't have happened. Plus, the rest of the year, he's cheering for the Knicks.

- Haha!

ANDY BEHRENS: I take no pleasure in that. So just absolutely rough defeats. Honorable mention this week, I'm gonna give it to myself. I lost to a team, Punt Passan Kick, managed by television's own Jeff Passan, that actually started Jeff Wilson.

- Huh?

ANDY BEHRENS: I am one of like-- I don't know-- three or four people that actually faced Jeff Wilson in a fantasy league in week seven. What the hell is that? Honestly, I'm not even all that mad. This is a legendary decision by Passan. He picks up Jeff Wilson, of all people. Now it's a 20-team league, of course, so anybody who's ambulatory probably needs to be rostered, might need to be played.

Passan, man, I got to tip my cap. You got other things going on this week. There is some baseball being played. But still, this guy finds the time to maintain his fantasy team, pick up Jeff Wilson, and crush me with him.

Hat tip to you. In fact, if you folks want to send your sit-start questions for week eight to Jeff Passan, I can't really argue. The man kind of owns my fantasy soul now.

That's it for this week. Remember, when things don't go your way in week eight, you take a narrow loss maybe on the Monday nighter, hit up your friends. Use the hashtag #FFLBadBeats.