Accused murderer Delafuentes was also injured after May 2017 scuffle

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Jun. 10—SALEM, Mass. — Hayden Delafuentes, a Haverhill man accused of stabbing one man to death and seriously wounding another, was also hurt on the morning of May 28, 2017, according to testimony from medical professionals.

An EMT and an ER doctor both testified on Thursday that Delafuentes, 25, had a laceration behind his right ear.

Dr. Susan Boreri, who was working the overnight shift in the ER at Holy Family Hospital in Haverhill, said Delafuentes refused medical treatment.

Delafuentes is on trial in Salem Superior Court for the first-degree murder of Matthew Sabatino, 28, and for stabbing another man, Daniel Doore, five times.

He is additionally charged with armed assault to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury for his attack on Doore, prosecutors said.

Sabatino and Doore were out with four other friends that night. They had just left the Chit Chat Lounge on Washington Street when Sabatino and Doore were attacked and stabbed, according to testimony by witnesses for the prosecution.

After falling into a coma, Sabatino died at a Boston hospital on June 8, 2017. Trial testimony in the murder case started Tuesday — exactly four years to the day after his death.

Boreri said Delafuentes came into the Holy Family ER around 1 a.m. on May 28, 2017.

A nurse alerted her that he "refused to sign a consent form and he refused to let nurses take his vitals," she testified.

Boreri described Delafuentes' demeanor as pleasant and a little anxious.

"He said he didn't want to be treated, he didn't want to be in the ER and he wanted to leave," she testified.

Boreri said she told Delafuentes by refusing treatment he risked infection that could seep into his bloodstream and cause serious problems. Despite her warnings, he signed a form indicating he was "leaving against medical advice."

She did detect a small odor of alcohol on his breath. But he was speaking clearly and coherently, she said.

"He had a very steady gait," she said, adding security escorted him out of the hospital's double doors.

This week jurors also heard testimony from Courtney Trussell, Sabatino's fiancee, and Courtney Valcourt, Doore's girlfriend.

Both recalled being pushed to the ground and standing up to find Sabatino and Doore covered in blood.

The trial is expected to stretch into next week.

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