Bright sun for a mild day

There will be plenty of sunshine Tuesday and it will be a bit milder as temperatures approach 60.

Video Transcript

- Such wild weather yesterday and to see all that damage, Jeff, really hard to see. But thankfully, it's a new day, but still those winds are hanging around.

JEFF SMITH: They're howling out there, and straight-line winds can cause every bit as much damage as a tornado, just keep that in mind. And that's why we saw so much damage in the Neptune area there where Anthony was. Temperature right now at 48 degrees.

Look at the wind, still busy out there, 15 sustained, gusting past 30 miles per hour, even within the confines of Central Park with all those trees surrounding our anemometer or our wind speed measurement instrument. And that means some of the airports surrounding the city here have winds gusting 40, 50 miles per hour still.

Next seven hours, look at the sustained winds gradually coming down. Temperatures gradually rising, so it'll feel a little bit better by later on this afternoon with numbers rising into the middle 50s for many. 48 again right now in the park, but you are 51 at Newark Airport.

You're sitting at 50 at Morristown. Right around the 50-degree mark down the Jersey Shore onto Long Island. A lot of places still have 35 to 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts, especially north of New York City. Look at that. 44 mile-per-hour wind gusts reported at Newburgh at Stewart Airport during the past hour.

And that wind advisory continues through about 4:00 PM for much of the area. Here's our future cast by 4:00 PM, again a lot of numbers, well into the 50s. Overnight tonight, wind really relaxing, especially after midnight. And that in combination with the clear skies will allow good, what we call radiational cooling.

So a lot of places, especially north and west of the city, dropped down to below the freezing mark. Could even be some upper 20s in a couple of isolated coldest spots well north and west. We're down to about 40 in Midtown. Great day shaping up for tomorrow.

High pressure moves just offshore. We get a light return flow coming in from the south and the southwest and not much in the way of wind out there. But that southerly component to the wind will raise our temperatures up to about 60 in the city and maybe some mid 60s off to the west.

Clouds quickly gather though during the day on Wednesday. And I think they'll be some rain developing, especially by Wednesday afternoon, and then it gets a little bit more complicated. So we get a good steady batch of rain coming in, maybe a 1/2 inch to an inch of rain Wednesday night early Thursday morning.

Cold air is going to try to rush into this system at the last minute. And look at that rain, snow line north and west in New York City by 8:00 AM Thursday. Now, Yankees are supposed to play. It's the home opener on Thursday, baseball. So we're talking about this precipitation should be off shore by that point by early Thursday afternoon.

But there'll be a cold, gusty wind on the backside of that. Again, it could end in some wet snow flakes north and west of New York City. Quite windy this afternoon with sunshine for the most part. The high getting up to 54.

Again, winds can gust 40 to 50 miles per hour right through about 2:00 PM, and then they really start to gradually subside. Clear tonight, much less wind after midnight. We're down to 40 in Midtown, upper 20s in the coldest spots and plenty of sunshine.

Becoming a little bit milder tomorrow. How about a high getting up to 60. It's going to feel a whole lot better with less wind as well. So watch for that rainfall to come in Wednesday, especially during the afternoon hours and especially overnight Wednesday night. Again, a half inch to an inch of rain with that.

Wednesday's a mild day despite the wet weather, 63. It's mainly morning rain on Thursday. Again, that could mix with or change to some wet snow flakes north and west of New York City, and then maybe some partial clearing in the afternoon, but breezy, colder, 48 for a high. That's it.

Brighter but brisk on Friday, lower 40s. We're talking mid 50s by Saturday. milder. And right now, Easter Sunday not looking too bad, lower 60s under partial sunshine.