AccuWeather Alert: Sunday soaker ahead

AccuWeather Alert: On Sunday conditions will turn windy with rain at times, some of it will be heavy, and watch out for a strong thunderstorm late in the day.

Video Transcript

- The winds are calm. Sunrise-- as the sun comes up this morning, not going to be so bright around here. In fact, cloudy conditions, rain pretty much at any time, with heavy storms coming for the afternoon. Our temperatures are still running above the average. Normal high is 54.

But definitely different days-- different day today than we've had the last two days, which were so nice. We went summer-spring, now we're quite back to, well, early spring, wet weather and cool conditions, with the winds expected to pick up.

Here's the early morning planner, this takes us into the mid 50s. So temperatures stay pretty mild. And then we've got rain around here. Between 9:00 and noon, pretty much expecting the showers at any time. Right now, the atmosphere is getting saturated so some of this rain just starting to reach the ground over the boroughs. So from Staten Island into early Manhattan, the Bronx, a little bit of Queens and Brooklyn getting maybe a drop or two right now.

The rain will increase as we go throughout the day. And here's where we are between 10:00 AM and, say, 1:00 PM. There's pockets of quick, heavy-moving shower-- heavy showers. And then the afternoon hours after 5 o'clock into the early evening, here comes a stronger line of storms. These could have thunderstorms in them.

You'll notice the temperatures are slightly warmer. So a little more heat to deal with. And the orange and yellow actually coming right over the boroughs between 5:00 and 7:00 PM. So heads up for those storms. Everything dries out for tomorrow. And it'll be blustery as we start off the workweek.

So you need your umbrellas. And the amount of rainfall is a soaking one, anywhere from half inch to an inch in spots between now and late tonight. We'll finally shake the showers overnight. And dry skies do prevail for Monday. It's just going to be cooler and blustery.

So good air quality. UV index-- we are socked in with the clouds. Pollen counts are low to moderate. So the rain does help with the tree pollen. 54 for temperatures tomorrow, in fact. So we could hold on to the low 60s today. Going to be blustery at times on Monday afternoon.

The Accuweather seven-day forecast-- back into the 60s by Tuesday. Wednesday, more spring showers around here, 63. Look at the chill we've got coming back. I mean, the calendar switches to April, but we've got a March chill back here Thursday and 40-- Friday with the 40s. That's your Accuweather seven-day forecast. Back to you guys. Michelle?

- Well done. Well done. All right, thank you so much, Amy. Coming up--