AccuWeather Week Ahead: Blustery start to the week

A wind advisory is in effect for Sunday night and most of Monday. It will be blustery and cooler in the morning and winds could gust up to 50 mph in parts of the area, but later in the day it will be seasonable with clouds making way for sunshine.

Video Transcript

- Jeff, it sounds like conditions will get worse before they get better.

JEFF SMITH: They certainly will. And it will be a brief time period between, say, 7 and 9 o'clock this evening where there will be a 15- to 20-minute period of some heavy rain and some strong gusty winds with that line of storms moving on through-- maybe not even a whole lot of thunder and lightning with that.

Temperature right now at 58 degrees, the wind is calm. It's actually our high on the day, our current temperature. So it's as warm as it's been all day-- 63 right now at Newark. More importantly, though, down the shore where we have that newly issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Belmar and Toms River in the upper 60s, and you actually hit 70 a little while ago. So the atmosphere is very unstable with all that warmth south of New York City supporting that better chance in those areas getting some strong to severe storms.

And here are the storms right now, approaching Scranton just west of Allentown. These are racing off to the east at about 40 or so miles per hour. And they're gonna be moving into our area during the next couple of hours. You see, by 7:00 PM, that line moving into areas probably just west of New York City, by 8:00 PM, over the city, moving on to western parts of Long Island, and then east of Long Island by 9 o'clock.

Now, what'll happen overnight tonight-- the wind, in general, will pick up across much of the area. So we initially get that really strong burst of wind along that line of showers and storms. And then a strong northwesterly wind will pick up everywhere, especially after midnight tonight and into the first half of tomorrow. Look at those temperatures tumbling back down into the mid 40s by 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, only recovering to about 54 or so by 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

That's our high for the day. That's about normal for this time of the year, but it will feel like low 40s with the wind, which could be gusting, according to our Futurecast here, 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, could be gusts around 30 miles per hour, maybe closer to 40 miles per hour north and west of New York City, remaining strong right through about midday.

These could be some of our strongest gusts, especially up into parts of the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. This could be enough to bring down some tree branches and cause some scattered power outages, especially north of New York City.

What we do expect, though, later in the day, that wind to gradually subside, but even by sunset tomorrow, still gusting between 15 and 25 miles per hour. So overall, a pretty windy day on Monday, especially the first half of the day. It's a few showers and a thunderstorm in the evening, especially early this evening, with that initial line moving on through, and then just windy overnight, rather cloudy. We're down to about 42 for a low.

Blustery and cooler for tomorrow, but seasonable, with clouds in the morning giving way to some afternoon sunshine, that high getting up to about 54. Again, winds could gust up to 50 miles per hour in parts of the area through the first half of the day and then gradually subside after that.

Clear skies tomorrow night, much less wind. We're down to about 44, a low. Here's your AccuWeather seven-day forecast. A lot of sunshine on Tuesday-- not as cool, about 60 for the high. We're above average.

And then clouds quickly gather Tuesday night into Wednesday. Watch for some rain to develop Wednesday afternoon. It'll be a mild day, though, that high getting up to about 63, and then sharply colder, ironically, as we move into the month of April on Thursday with some mainly morning rain. That could even end as some wet snowflakes well north and west of New York City, depending on how long that precipitation lasts. 46 for the high, dropping all the way down to 28 by Thursday night.

Friday, blustery, chilly, only 43. It's brisk, breaks of sun and clouds on Saturday, about 56-- could be a spotty shower Saturday north of New York City.

Kind of a cloudier Easter Sunday, but mild-- by then, that high getting back up to 62. But keep an eye to the sky next several hours-- again, that line moving into the city probably between 7 and 8 o'clock tonight, briefly gusty winds and briefly heavy downpours as well.