AccuWeather: Windy and wet

AccuWeather Alert: On Sunday conditions will turn windy with rain at times, some of it will be heavy, and watch out for a strong thunderstorm late in the day.

Video Transcript

- Let's get a check of the forecast. Here's meteorologist, Jeff Smith. Jeff?

JEFF SMITH: We have been spoiled in the past couple of weeks. Things are going downhill in a hurry during the day tomorrow. Clouds are already increasing ahead of that system right now. That temperature, 61, courtesy of a bit of a sea breeze kicking in southeast right now coming in about 5 miles per hour.

Got up to near 70, got up to 69 earlier this afternoon after a morning low of 50. So these numbers about 15 degrees above normal for this time of the year, not the record today-- 83 of course, we smashed yesterday's record getting up to 82-- but today's record was 83 back in 1998. There are your sunrise and your sunset times.

Look at sunset, a little bit after a quarter after 7 o'clock. Spotty shower very late tonight, especially west of New York City. This evolves into a soaking rainfall as we approach the daylight hours of Sunday, lasting right through about midday Sunday. Might get a break in the action, at least in the intensity of the rainfall during the afternoon.

But then, we have to watch as a pretty strong cold front approaches late in the day. And with that, there could be some thunderstorms-- a line of thunderstorms along that front, and with those storms, maybe some localized damaging wind gusts, and certainly some heavy brief downpours out there.

Temperatures right now, basically in the low 60s from the Park over to La Guardia, but only 55 with that Atlantic Ocean influence at JFK airport. 65 still down the shore in Toms River, and still some upper 60s if you head well inland from Morristown up toward Sussex. You see the clouds already increasing right now, though, ahead of that next weather maker.

And again, that comes in very late tonight. Watch what happens on our futurecast. A little bit of light rain and shower activity showing up by 7 o'clock in the morning, and it can come down heavily at times, a few downpours right through about midday. Again, a break early to mid-afternoon, and then watch what happens with that cold front.

This could be a pretty feisty line of thunderstorms approaching western parts of our viewing area, maybe the Delaware Water Gap, Poconos, Catskills, by 5:00 PM and racing off to the east by 6:00 PM into New York City. So around dinnertime tomorrow, expect some heavy weather to be moving on through from west to east.

And these could contain, again, some strong, gusty winds and certainly some heavy downpours. It's all offshore eastern Long Island by early tomorrow evening. And then, a much cooler air mass comes in. By Monday morning, we're back down into the 40s. And we're near normal Monday afternoon, we're talking about 54.

But it's never going to feel that mild, because we'll have winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour during the day on Monday behind that front. Increasingly cloudy, a spotty shower developing late tonight mainly west of New York City, that low going down to about 50. Becoming windy with rain at times, some of it will be heavy tomorrow.

And watch for a thunderstorm that could be on the strong side, again, late in the day. 64 for a high, that's very late in the afternoon into early tomorrow evening just ahead of that cold front. It's a couple of showers and a thunderstorm early tomorrow evening. We're down to about 42 later on tomorrow night with some partial clearing.

Blustery, cooler Monday, about 54. Again, winds Monday could be gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour. Near normal on Tuesday, 57, a lot of sunshine out there. A few showers return on Wednesday, especially during the afternoon. That can evolve into a steady rain Wednesday night into the first half of Thursday.

If cold enough air comes in, by the way, on Thursday, it could actually mix that rain with a little bit snowfall before ending north and west in New York City. Only 46 for a high Thursday, much chillier behind that system. And look at that, only 43 despite some sunshine on Friday. So let me just say, I hope you enjoyed 82 degrees yesterday.