Clouds arrive tonight, snow starts before dawn

More seasonable temperatures return on Wednesday with bright sunshine ahead of yet another winter storm.

Video Transcript

SAM CHAMPION: Today is not our issue. Today, we're getting some cold air in. But it's the cold air and this moisture coming up at us during the day tomorrow that probably lines up maybe a two-day snow event for us Thursday and a good part of Friday.

We're 26 degrees. As you start to get into the Bronx, we're 29 degrees toward the Whitestone. 27 degrees toward Ozone Park. Staten Island's coming in right around 26, 27 degrees this morning. 14 to 13 degrees in northern areas. Put a little wind on this, and the windchill is down to 0, single digits, and teens for all of us.

Now, there's not much moisture in the air right now. This is just a sign of the cold air coming off the Great Lakes. You can see those light snow bands up to the north.

And here's the way we see this going today. So just cold air in place today, running from 6:00 AM and that cold 23 degrees start temperature to about 8:00 AM on Thursday. 25 degrees in White Plains. 25 degrees in Central Park. 23 in Poughkeepsie. Even near 30 on the Jersey shore.

That means this comes in as all snow Thursday morning and then stays all snow. This is a snapshot at 2:30. Where's the changeover line? South.

Look how far south of Toms River we start to get a little bit of a mix going on here. Because the low is trending a little bit further south, we get all cold air and almost all snow for Thursday and on into Friday. Now, this is Thursday at about 9:30 in the evening when things start to slim out a little bit here, but we'll continue a little bit on into Friday.

So let's look at another long range model here just to show you what we're talking about. This is 5 o'clock on Thursday morning. This is Thursday at 6:00 PM. This is on into Saturday by about-- you know, we're getting into 12:00 AM here before all of this moisture is tapering off.

So some of the models are saying this could be a Thursday and Friday event for us. Some of them haven't lined it out. Some of them taper it off early on Friday. But right now, I'm thinking it may extend a little bit into the day on Friday as well.

So just want to show you on Monday, we're talking about one more system. But here's the good news about Monday. By the time we get into Monday, we're getting milder temperatures. So there's going to be a rain-snow mix out of that.

So I know this is an unusual banding for us to go 5 to 10, but this is an all snow event. Starts as snow, stays as snow across the area. The higher totals will be in higher elevation in western New Jersey. This is the one time, because this banding, the way the band of moisture works, that we're not getting more in those northern and western areas. We're getting it right through the middle of New Jersey and into the park, probably about 6 inches of snow the way it seems right now.

But during the day today, looking at sunshine. This is a nice calm and quiet one. So do everything you need over the next couple of days today. Sunny skies, chilly breeze, 32 degrees. Always a windchill today.

Clouds arrive. Snow before dawn in the south and 25 degrees. Cold and snowy all day tomorrow. It's a rough travel day just because of the snow, and it can be coming down heavy at times. Mixed near the coast, but more south on the coast.

Quick look at the seven day plan. That's our only real Accuweather alert. We'll stay with some cold air through the weekend and a round of snow and rain by the time we get to Monday.