AccuWeather: Better half of the weekend

Saturday will be the better half of the weekend with sunshine and a light wind, but another soaker is on the way.

Video Transcript

- We put an 8-0 on the board yesterday?

- That was crazy.

- It was absolutely fantastic, record-breaking warmth, you guys, across the area. I know, for some people, it's like, what? We're already in summer? I miss spring. Don't worry, we're doing a little rewind today. What a gorgeous view here of daybreak across the city. You can see just off the Empire State Building, the flag line whipping in the wind, flapping back and forth.

But the winds are a lot less than they were yesterday. 51 degrees, we've settled the winds down to about 25 to 35 miles an hour compared to yesterday's gusts above 50. It was quite a show with the winds. And we did have even some damage across the area from those strong winds. But most of us enjoying the temperatures, which were very, very nice. And we hadn't seen those since last September. But the strong winds do subside.

Headlines here this morning. We're briefly back to beautiful conditions today. And then a big alert for Sunday's soaker. Now, we don't have any rain on the map right now. In fact, these winds coming out of the northwest will start to sort of gently calm themselves today. And the warmer temperatures have moved back down to the Carolinas and the Virginias.

We've got some cooler air coming in. But it's still above average for this time of year. The normal is 54 degrees. We're going to be pushing the upper 60s. But the record for this date is 83 degrees, 1998. Not going to make that one. Won't be matching the 80s any time soon. In fact, blustery conditions for the early part of the week. And tomorrow turns out to be a transition day.

Let's start with getting out the door this morning. Smithtown and Brookhaven both at 50 degrees. Oyster Bay, Jones Beach, also Babylon all at 51. Danbury has 50 degrees. And temperatures are in the low 40s for northwest New Jersey. The Jersey Shore almost 50 right now. So a cool started.

We're off the mark from yesterday, anywhere from a couple of degrees to as much as 20 degrees colder. So you can see this chilly air sort of moving in from the northwest with those lighter winds. And what we'll have today is, really, generally nice conditions, with the clouds gently increasing through the late afternoon and evening. After reaching highs in the upper 60s, we will pull back into the 40s overnight. And then the rain before daybreak.

There are two lines of storms. One will come between 1:00 and 4:00 PM, kind of rushes through the area. Then a later line of storms coming through about 6:00 PM, with rain exiting the area by 10:00 PM on Sunday evening. A blustery start coming in for the early part of the workweek. So anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rainfall. Soaking conditions, enough to get the soil wet. And probably prime things for growing.

Lots of sunshine, 66 right now. Less wind and more clouds, 50. More days we get like this where we get some nice conditions during the day with sunshine and warmth, and then the rain to follow, really helps with the spring growth. So temperatures will be chilly on Monday, 53, comparably to the 80s. But that is an average temperature for this time of year.

Shower chances are back for Wednesday and Thursday. So we've got some spring rain over the next couple of days to sort of match up with this nice sunshine and gentle temperature. So I'll have much more on this as we go throughout the morning. Let's get it back to Michelle.

- Oh, man, after all that wind yesterday just blew away the temperatures, thank you.