Warm afternoon sun

Thursday may start off gloomy with a touch of fog, but it should feel great by lunch time as temperatures reach the 70s.

Video Transcript

- You can see that sunshine settling below some of the high clouds that are moving in. Which will shift our winds around as a warm front comes through, because right now, we have more of a south-southeast wind. But we are getting more of a southerly component in here. And as we change overnight, temperatures aren't going to drop too much overnight. And then we'll be off to the races during the day tomorrow. I know I'm overdoing it a little bit, with the way the grass looks here and the trees with all their leaves, but we're looking forward to this, right? We'll walk the dogs tonight. Cool and dry, clouds increase, temperatures kind of holding, if not rising a little bit later.

So we have that warmer wind coming in. The only thing is when you wake up, don't be surprised if it's a little gloomy out, a little gray, a touch of fog around. That should thin out by mid or late morning, and then we'll be around 70 in the afternoon with sunshine. A broken line of showers with the first of a series of cold fronts that come through Friday morning. Many of us won't even see measurable rainfall. But the clouds will give way to partly sunny skies again. It's a little bit cooler. We'll be in the mid 60s. But still very pleasant and above normal for March.

Then things really change, because the wind starts to kick in as the storm strengthens over Atlantic Canada. We've got a gusty wind 35, 40 miles an hour on Saturday. Still sunny, but it's only in the mid and upper 40s, feeling like 30s that day. The wind will back off a little bit as we go into the day on Sunday. We also spring ahead. The sunset will be around 7:01. A little less wind around 50 shouldn't be too bad. Meanwhile, a barrage of storms coming out of the Pacific, big snows in parts of the Rockies. We've got severe weather threats in the upper Midwest. And a pieces-- a couple of pieces of these Pacific systems break off and try to come our way. But they're really going underneath us. We're really not getting any significant threats of rain. And that will be displayed in the seven day.

Meanwhile, just to reiterate, don't forget to spring ahead this weekend. Sunset will be around 7:01 on Sunday. And then one month from today, we got 7:30 sunsets. And we'll get back to those sunrises before 7 o'clock. So some patchy, high clouds coming in early night. Then the low clouds and a touch of fog early in the morning. That breaks up by maybe 10, 11 o'clock in the morning. It should feel great by lunchtime. And look at these numbers. 50s along the coast, but near 70 in the city. Low, perhaps even middle 70s away from the coast. Really feeling like mid or late spring.

There's the broken line of showers Friday morning. That'll move away. Mid 60s in the afternoon, a few lingering clouds off to the South, but still a nice day. But the bottom drops out on Friday night. We drop about 30 degrees to 35. We're 40s with a gusty, wintry wind on Saturday. It is a dry weekend. It's really nice on Sunday. Again, the later sunset around 50. A little chilly on Monday. This shower threat is looking minimal and may slide to our south. And then we're 47 on Wednesday. We lose the warm pattern, but it doesn't look like we're going to rain steadily until late next week. And at some point, we're going to have to make up for this loss. At least we've had all the snow packed in the ground. It's giving us plenty of water supply. But we're going to need it eventually.