AccuWeather: Chilly, windy

The snow and mixed precipitation will give way to some sunshine on Saturday, but a chilly wind will add a bite to the day.

Video Transcript

- Back to the weather right now. And Amy, what is next? I know we got the worst of it behind us--

- Wow, you're already--

- --but what is next?

- You're already looking past everything that's happening right now.

- Yes.

AMY FREEZE: I know, I know. We've got this winter storm to put up with, you guys. Looking down the road, we at least have a dry weekend. So maybe that will allow us to catch up. But we are on our way to making the top 10 snowiest Februaries ever. So not much more snow needed to make that happen. And before today is done, it looks like we'll get there.

We're below freezing right now. So if there's anybody traveling this afternoon, know that there's still this winter weather advisory. And this alert in particular goes until 7:00 PM. And it really is for the areas shifting just a little bit north and east, and that is mainly because of the very slick conditions.

We've had reports of freezing rain. Which, again, is a frozen surface, and the rain falls on it and creates an ice glaze. Then we're getting an additional one to two inches of snow right now. Across the boroughs, we do have reports of snow. And finally the storm shuts down late tonight, and we get a chance to exhale, right?

On the radar right now, snow showers. They're light. Not too heavy around here. But just enough, and it's steady enough that it looks like it could accumulate a couple more inches for us. And it's been aggressive this morning.

Elmhurst, 3.8 inches of fresh snow on the ground there. We've had reports of freezing rain, both for Lake Success and Massapequa. So both those reports coming in from official spotters. And they've got 3.5 inches of snow on the ground in East Rutherford. So we definitely have-- plus their old snow, I should say.

And then we've got some of these totals coming in, which are very impressive. Colts Neck, 9.8 inches. Over a half foot of snow for Deer Park now. Elmont closing in on that mark. Armonk has five inches. Norwalk, 4.5. Central Park, 3.4.

Moving into Connecticut right now with some freezing rain, so there's a special weather statement for that. And if you're gonna be traveling in these areas, you just need a heads up. Because some roads have been treated, some have been cleared, others are getting fresh precipitation as we speak. Through the noon hour, that snow shifts a little off to the east.

So if you're back further north and west, expect only a few flurries to fly for the rest of the afternoon. The main portion of energy for additional accumulation will be just to the east. But we do have cold enough temperatures to see this stick, and so more cleanup will have to happen late tonight and early tomorrow morning.

Then we get that chance to sort of exhale, regroup, and temperatures are in the mid-30s for us both on Saturday and Sunday. It's worth a mention here that the computer models are putting out this additional one to two inches of snowfall for us today. So some places have gotten that already, some will get additional snow, and most of that looks to be the east-- to the east.

But this is what we end up with. So yesterday through today, some areas getting over eight inches, and we've seen those totals really come to fruition. So a lot of snow to clean up over the next couple of days, and we aren't alone. About 70% of the United States right now has some sort of snow coverage.

I don't know if that makes us happier that we're commiserating with others, but we are all in this winter pattern together. And it's pretty active. 26 tonight for the overnight low. Tomorrow temperatures will be in the mid-30s.

And then by Monday we've got yet another winter storm. This one brings rain and snow, but I think the good news here is evidence enough in the high temperatures that we're expecting. We return to the 40s, and that'll bring some relief as well. Shirley, back to you.

- Ah, did you say relief?


- Some would say 50 almost.

- Yes.

AMY FREEZE: Almost 50, that's right.

- Bring it on. Thank you, Amy. Coming up, the Mars--