AccuWeather: Chilly sunshine

Sunday will be chilly with plenty of sunshine, making way for increasing cloudiness in the evening.

Video Transcript

- Jeff, I get the sense the great meltdown is on the way.

JEFF SMITH: Yeah, and it will be a gradual meltdown.

- OK.

JEFF SMITH: It won't be really fast. It won't cause any flooding or that sort of thing. And actually before that happens, we may get some more snow adding on to the snow pack in parts of the area during the day on Monday. Here's a look over towards Central Park right now. Again, about six inches on the ground after we got that 4 and 1/2 inches Thursday and Friday. A couple of days of flakes flying for much of the time.

Temperature right now, 34. It feels more like 28 with a northwest wind coming in seven, gusting up to about 20 miles per hour. And the high on the day is that current temperature of 34, well below average for this time of year. Definitely cold tonight. Watch for that stray evening flurry mainly north and west, maybe even an isolated heavier snow squall, like I was showing you over parts of Westchester and Fairfield.

Bright but chilly tomorrow as highs stay in the 30s, and then rain develops during the day Monday. That can begin as some wet snow, even in New York City. I think that will quickly go over to rain though. But it could be a more prolonged period of snow. Some wet snow north and west, and that's where there can be some accumulating snow, especially in the higher elevations.

Right now, about 30 at Newburgh. 24 at Monticello. You're freezing right on the mark at Islip. Below freezing down the shore at Belmar and at Toms River. Wind chills right now across the board in the 20s, even some teens north and west.

There's that snow squall again moving from Westchester into southwestern Fairfield. Another heavier snow squall here over central parts of Fairfield County, Connecticut. Otherwise, just a couple of stray snowflakes out there. And these will be out of here by about 9:00 PM. We clear our skies out allowing that temperature to really take a tumble down into the low 20s by seven o'clock tomorrow morning in the city.

A lot of teens north and west. During the day tomorrow, again, despite a lot of sunshine, highs only topping off in the middle 30s. Clouds quickly increase tomorrow night into Monday morning. I think it's a dry start Monday, but precipitation arrives from the west by late in the morning into the early part of the afternoon. Maybe starting as a little bit of snow, even in New York City, but going over to rainfall.

Meanwhile, north and west, it may stay as wet snow for much of that event. And that means maybe a coating to an inch not too far north and west of New York City. This will be very slushy accumulation, mainly on grassy surfaces. And maybe one to three inches. We're talking about extreme northwestern parts of New Jersey, northern parts of Rockland, northern Westchester, and points north and west maybe one to three inches of wet snow.

Clear to partly cloudy and cold for tonight. Winds gradually subsiding. Watch for that stray flurry mainly north and west. We're down to 22. Chilly with plenty of sunshine tomorrow. We're talking mid-30s. Increasing clouds for tomorrow night. Down to 29.

Again, that rain developing Monday, maybe beginning as a period of wet snow. Again, more prolonged wet snow and accumulating a little bit north and west. 41 for a high. Clouds and sun Tuesday, about 44.

Look at that. Turning milder, up near 50, Wednesday. Mild clouds Thursday. Perhaps a shower with a front moving on by. A little bit cooler Friday and maybe some rain returning by next weekend. A high getting up to a pair of fours by next Saturday.