AccuWeather: Bright sun

On Monday we'll have abundant sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s, well above normal for this time of year.

Video Transcript

- Jeff, I think Frank Sinatra once sang it. It might as well be spring.

JEFF SMITH: Oh, yeah, it's fantastic out there, right? Just delicious weather during the day today. Got up to 63 earlier, now down to about 58 courtesy of a southeast wind, a little bit of a seabreeze that has developed out there, coming at about 8 or so miles per hour.

Sam Ryan earlier was commenting to me about the static electricity. And that's because we have dew points that are so low. It's such a dry air mass. It's almost desert levels of humidity out there.

Normal high this time of year is around 51. So we were definitely well above that. 84, the record back in 1921 on this date. Sun rising these days just before 7:00 AM, setting at 7:09 PM. So we got a good bit of an hour left of sunlight out there.

58 at Teterboro, 59 at Newark, 57 at White Plains, and also at LaGuardia Airport. You have cooled down significantly, especially South Shore of Long Island. Islip, 51. Only 47 on the East End at Montauk. We're talking low to mid 50s down the Jersey Shore with that seabreeze kicking in.

Meanwhile, away from the influence of the Atlantic Ocean waters, check out Morristown, Sussex, Newburgh, and Poughkeepsie, all in the lower to middle 60s right now. And you can see it really well here, these wind vectors coming in from the southeast right along the coast.

It's more like an easterly direction, coming in off of New England, not the Atlantic Ocean, up toward the mid Hudson Valley. And that's why we've stayed so mild very late into the afternoon hours.

7 o'clock tomorrow morning, you see temperatures falling overnight down to around the 40 degree mark in the city. Still some 30s north and west. Tomorrow, if anything, with a broader easterly flow across the area, I think we stay in the upper 50s in and around the city. More like low 60s again off to the north and west.

And heading into Tuesday, a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. So Tuesday is not a day like we've had recently with wall-to-wall sunshine. I think we start with sun, and then clouds increase during the afternoon hours.

That could hold temperatures a little bit lower. But don't bet on it. I do expect highs to get up near 60 in New York City and low to mid 60s off to the north and west.

Clouds lower and thicken on Wednesday. And by Wednesday, there can be a couple of spotty showers, mainly west of New York City. I think it's more likely that they get into the picture by Thursday into Friday. That's really our best shot at getting any rainfall in the AccuWeather seven day forecast.

Air quality, if you're heading outside tomorrow, moderate. UV index is at 5, which is moderate. You can definitely get a sunburn this time of the year. And pollen on the moderate to high side, juniper, elm, and maple being the main culprits now.

Clear skies for tonight. We're down to about 43 for a low. Again, colder suburbs, especially north and west. Abundant sunshine, we'll call it for tomorrow, that high getting all the way up into the upper 50s. So about 5 degrees cooler than today, but still well above normal for this time of the year. Clear skies tomorrow night. We're down to about 44 for a low. Again, colder north and west of New York City.

Here's your AccuWeather seven day forecast. As we head into the day on Tuesday, again, some afternoon cloud cover after early sunshine. The high still getting all the way up to 62.

Wednesday is a mainly cloudy day. There can be a spotty shower mainly west of New York City. That high Wednesday getting up to about 59. So those clouds holding down the high temperatures a little bit on Wednesday.

Thursday, few showers possible out there, 63. I think the best shot of getting showers Thursday in the afternoon. That can evolve into a steady rain Thursday night, perhaps even lasting into Friday morning mainly. And that could even involve some rumbles of thunder. As a pretty vigorous storm heads off to our north and west.

Outside chance we try to clear things out later in the day Friday, getting us up to 62. Sun and clouds Saturday, about 60. And we're in the upper 50s. We'll call it variably cloudy Sunday. Maybe some rain sneaking back into the picture by late Sunday into Sunday night. But there's a lot of 60s on that board, and that's what we like to see. We'll send it back over to you.

- Yes, we do.

- Let's get rid of that dry air.

JEFF SMITH: The static electricity, yes.

- All right.

- I don't mind it.

- Yes, we're OK with it.