Bright skies, breezy, and mild

Monday will be mostly sunny, mild, and windy with winds could gusting up to 30 miles per hour at times.

Video Transcript

AMY FREEZE: For us here, Joe, things have been really nice this afternoon, real turnaround from the chill that we've seen. In fact, this morning temperatures were half of what they are right now. We had some spots that started in the low 20, setting a new record, Laguardia one of them. We hit 53, though, in Central Park and currently we've got that number on the dial. Dew points are at 6, so we've got really dry air mass. Northwest winds 6 to 20 miles an hour, pressure is falling. Westerly flow here continues to warm us up and our temperatures are 15 to almost 20 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at the same time so real signal that we've made a pattern shift to a more mild air mass. And right now our numbers are still holding in the mid-50s for places like Newark where we have 54 degrees. 53 for Sparta. A few 40s showing up for the extreme northern counties, Monticello is currently at 48 degrees. Still in the 50s on Long Island.

We'll start to gradually cool off tonight, but it's going to be a lot less cold than has been the last couple of nights. In fact, by 10:00, we're still in the upper 40s. Overnight, we barely dip into the low 40s, clouds start to collect. Unfortunately, looks like it'll be overcast by the time we wake up tomorrow for sunrise services.

So looking at the radar loop here, we don't have any storms overhead, but the clouds are starting to push in here from the west and the northwest. Also, the land has warmed up considerably and so those clouds will be allowed to form overnight as well as we try to cool down once the sun gets out of here. So clouds in place early tomorrow morning, but they don't last all day. And that's going to result in two things, prettier skies by the afternoon but also more warmth pushing in, allowing our temperatures to climb even warmer, low 60s expected. We're sandwiched in between any storm system so we remain dry for not only the end of the weekend but into early next week. Monday and even into Tuesday, no major showers or storms around here, allowing our temperatures to stay pretty comfortable. In fact, the Futurecast shows us getting into the low 60s tomorrow, holding those numbers for a mild night on Sunday night. Early on Sunday, we start very pleasant, middle to upper 40s for the daytime highs-- or early morning lows on Monday, then daytime highs returning to the low 60s, maybe even mid-60s, getting warmer than we've been here to close out the weekend.

So not as cold tonight is the bottom line, then early tomorrow we have those clouds that give way to sunshine, low 60s, and we hold this pattern. The AccuWeather seven-day forecast puts us at 65 for Monday, so a nice holiday, but a beautiful start to the workweek. Tuesday and Wednesday both in the mid-60s. And then we cool it off just slightly as some spring showers move in for Friday and Saturday, early next weekend.