AccuWeather Forecast: Rain to start off the week

On Monday there will be a passing morning shower and then turning breezy with some clearing, but there will be an evening snow shower with strong wind gusts.

Video Transcript

- Well, does March come in like a lion or like a lamb?

JEFF SMITH: A little bit like a lion. We have some big changes coming up during the next 24 to 48 hours, especially tomorrow night. Temperatures will really take a tumble. The wind will really pick up as well.

Right now we just have some rain shower activity out there. That temperature 42 degrees and east wind coming in about 6 miles per hour. 45 was our high. That's pretty close to normal for this time of the year.

These showers last into tomorrow morning. And then we do get some afternoon clearing and temperatures briefly do head up into the lower 50s, if you can believe it, tomorrow afternoon. But don't be fooled by that. A strong cold front arrives late tomorrow into tomorrow evening. That could even bring an evening snow shower. That could reduce visibility briefly, especially north and west in New York City.

It's behind that front, though, the winds really pick up. 40 to 50 mile per hour gusts tomorrow night along with a 30 degree temperature drop. So tomorrow afternoon, lower 50s. By early Tuesday morning, probably lower 20s and even some teens across much of the area. You've get lower 40s right now across the five boroughs of New York City, more like upper 30s off to the north and west, even closer to the freezing mark up toward Monticello right around 40 onto Long Island.

We had a steadier batch of rain earlier. That has since moved offshore, just some showery activity left over. And this is pretty much the regime we'll be in overnight, just on and off shower activity. There was some heavier rain in Southern Ocean County, where we still do have some residual minor flooding in that area, flood advisory continues through 8:15 there. Again, Southern Ocean County, New Jersey.

By 7 o'clock in the morning you see shower activity. It might try to reignite a little bit, maybe some steadier rain for a time. Even through midday, there can be a shower or two. You see temperatures spiking briefly again into the lower 50s by around 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Watch what happens after that though. Here comes the arctic cold front. And along that front, maybe a brief snow shower, maybe even a brief visibility-reducing snow squall, especially north and west of New York City. But some of these flakes can make it all the way down into the city, say, between 7 and 9 o'clock tomorrow evening.

40 degrees by 8:00 PM, look at the temperature tumble down to below freezing by midnight tomorrow night, lower 20s in the city by daybreak on Tuesday. Teens, north and west. And the temps don't recover much Tuesday, despite a lot of sunshine, only topping off in the middle 30s.

So it's overcast with a couple of showers overnight. Tonight we're down to about 39. It's a passing morning shower and then turning breezy with some clearing. 52 during the early part of the afternoon. And then it's really tomorrow evening when that front moves on by an evening snow shower and then partly cloudy, becoming windy. Could, again, be gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour and much, much colder, down to 23.

Any wet spots on the roadways could actually freeze over and create some icy spots as well. So we're calling it an Accuweather Alert tomorrow night into early Tuesday morning. It's brisk and colder Tuesday despite a full day of sun, only 36 for a high. Sun and clouds on Wednesday.

This is what happens in March. You get one cold day and then it bounces right back into the lower 50s both Wednesday and Thursday. And then we're back into the lower 40s Friday, Saturday. Kind of a roller coaster ride in temperatures.