AccuWeather forecast: Still cold

Sunday will be mostly sunny, but still rather cold as we won't even get into the 40s.

Video Transcript

JOE TORRES: All right, Jeff, we just got to get past couple of days and then we're off to the races, aren't we?

JEFF SMITH: Looking good, especially by the middle of the week. In fact, the last time we were 60 degrees plus was on Christmas Day. That was like a midnight high. It was a day when temperatures fell for much of the day. But that was the last time we had temperatures in the 60s, and we're expecting to do that on multiple occasions during the upcoming week.

That temperature right now, just barely above freezing. Anything but warm out there right now, feeling more like 26. It's a West wind coming in 8, gusting up to about 24 miles per hour. You get numbers about 34 at LaGuardia and JFK, down to 30 at White Plains, upper 20s, and you've been sitting in the upper 20s all day in Newburgh and Sussex. All the way down to 21 at Monticello, just below the freezing mark on Long Island, and Islip just above the freezing mark down the Jersey Shore.

There's that wind coming in sustained right now between 10 and 20 miles per hour, and that is sending "feels like" numbers, or wind chills, down into the lower 20s. And these are the numbers you're going to dress for if you're heading out during the next several hours. It even feels like the teens and single numbers North and West in New York City, and it's all courtesy of a storm system which is still winding up over the Canadian Maritimes.

We're still under the influence of that strong Northwesterly flow, and that's why we have clouds. That flow is picking up some moisture off of the Great Lakes, and even depositing it as some flurries in parts of the area, even across parts of Long Island earlier during the afternoon hours. Those go by the wayside, we clear things out overnight tonight as high pressure comes closer to the area.

Overnight, tonight and tomorrow the wind will relax a little bit, but the numbers will fall pretty sharply overnight-- down into the 20s again. They rise tomorrow, a little bit better than today-- we're talking upper 30s. Still well below average for this time of the year. And then another cold night shaping up for tomorrow night, with the high pressure actually cresting right over the area.

Nearly calm winds out there, clear skies, and that equals cold weather, especially in suburban areas getting well down into the teens Monday morning. But a nice recovery Monday, back into the lower 40s. A little bit closer to normal for this time of the year. And then much warmer starting on Tuesday.

Accuweather forecast for tonight, patchy clouds, brisk and cold. We're down to about 24 for a low. Mostly sunny, still rather cold tomorrow. Despite all that sun, the high only managing to muster out about 38 degrees or so by later on in the day.

Clear skies tomorrow night, we're back down to about 25. So again, that's kind of our last really cold night, because by Monday we're back up to about 44 under plenty of sunshine. So that's closer to normal for this time of year. Normal highs are around 46, so still a little bit below.

And then all of a sudden we jump to 60 on Tuesday, much milder out there. Very mild on Wednesday-- 60 degrees. That could-- Tuesday and Wednesday, probably our nicest days of the week. A little bit more in the way of cloud cover on Thursday, but Thursday might be even warmer. How about 64 for a high?

Outside chance we get a shower in here Thursday night into Friday. That's definitely not set in stone at this point, but a shower's possible Friday, that high still getting up to about 60. And we're back down to 54, mainly cloudy skies Saturday, perhaps a leftover shower by then, but we can deal with 54 degrees. How about that? Most of the days, guys, four out of seven, are 60+.

JOE TORRES: Yeah, how about that?

JEFF SMITH: There you go.

JOE TORRES: Yeah, that's very nice. All right, thank you, sir.