Sun to clouds and very warm with humidity

Monday will be humid and muggy with a high of 89.

Video Transcript

SPEAKER 1: This summer. This summer. It's not summer yet. So far this weekend it's been like summer, are we going to carry this into the workweek?

JEFF SMITH: Absolutely. And humidity is really going to be joining the party right now into tonight and into the first half of the week. Here's a look over toward Central Park. 88 degrees. Now all of a sudden the feels like number is higher than the temperature. And that's how you know the humidity is increasing, it actually feels like 90 still in Central Park after getting up to 92 for an actual high earlier this afternoon.

Not quite the record, that was 98 set back in 1925. But as I was saying earlier, we broke records at Newark, at LaGuardia, Newark getting up to 97 degrees this afternoon. Exactly 15 hours of daylight these days. 5:25 AM is your sunrise 8:25 PM is your sunset. So a pair of eights in the park, but 94 still at Newark, 92 at Teterboro.

Some cooling sea breezes at JFK getting you down to 79. You're closer to the 80 degree mark, Islip out to Montauk, upper 80s at Belmar. But still, away from that cooling influence your 93 in Morristown and 91 up toward Poughkeepsie. So overnight tonight, mainly clear skies out there. These numbers not falling much, not very refreshing out there, 74 by sunrise tomorrow. Tomorrow, if anything, a degree or two cooler than today, but the humidity more than makes up for it. So it may feel about the same, it'll feel like it's in the 90s even though we get highs in the upper 80s. Probably still some low 90s west of New York City.

And speaking of west of the city, that's your best shot at maybe getting a shower or a thundershower during the afternoon hours into the early part of the evening. There's a better chance though, as we head into the day on Tuesday. Even more humid air is moving on in and with a disturbance passing on through and interacting with that moisture you get some showers and thunderstorms really making it all the way down to the I-95 corridor during the day on Tuesday. At the beaches tomorrow a south wind 5 to 15 miles per hour. Waves about three or so feet, the rip current risk is moderate. Water temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s.

Air quality, it won't be unhealthy tomorrow, but still moderate so it's not great. UV index is a nine, which is very high, and pollen is on the moderate to high side, grasses and oak being the main culprits. Clear and warm for tonight, becoming more humid, that low going down to about 72. Sunny to partly cloudy, very warm, humid tomorrow that high getting up to 89. There can be an afternoon shower or thunderstorm in spots mainly west of New York City, and that can continue into early tomorrow evening, and then we tend to clear things out overnight we're down to about 73.

So Tuesday and especially Wednesday, we're going to get more widespread more numerous showers and thunderstorms developing, especially during the afternoons. 88 Tuesday, 87 on Wednesday. Not nearly as hot on Thursday, 80, get a watch for a few showers out there, more clouds than sun. Could be kind of wet on Friday, showers are a possibility and only 73, that's some relief from the heat. And looking nice so far for next weekend, we can't completely rule out a shower or storm each day Saturday, Sunday, but much of the time should be dry and temperatures trending to near normal. We'll have an update tonight at 11 o'clock. Back over to you [INAUDIBLE]